From "The Tiger who came to tea" by Judith Kerr

Last Wednesday, after a certain amount of last minute panicking over a toy trumpet that used to be in our possession and never used, but when you need it has been thrown away, was the morning of Nora's second foray in to story telling, or as it shall hence forth be known,
preparing to read by learning to sew!
Yes that is still making me laugh, a lot, thanks to my many talented
You can see the results of the first here.
I try to pick stories that are well known so the children feel confident enough to join in, but they also have to be simple enough for them to follow, and be able to spark off an idea for a fun fabric based craft in my jumbled mind.
Also there needs to be an opportunity for a big ending.
This time around we were making cakes

for the pre-school tigers to eat during tea.

I was so pleased with how they turned out, simple to make and easy for little ones to understand and only needing a small bit of adult help.

So pleased am I that I shall be showing you how to make them very very soon.
But back to the story telling.
When Sophie's mummy opened the door, it was not the milkman, nor was it the boy from the grocers, and it certainly wasn't Sophie's Daddy

It wasn't even a big furry stripy tiger...

...it was a room full of big furry stripy tigers.

The Tiger didn't take just one sandwich...

He took all the sandwiches on the plate

And then he ate all the biscuits...

and all the cake....

Shock, horror, gasp

he even drank all of Daddy's beer!
Then he said
"Thank you for my nice tea. I think I'd better go now"

In the morning Sophie and her Mummy went shopping and they bought lots more things to eat.
And they also bought a very big tin of Tiger food.....

.... in case the Tiger should come to tea again.
But he never did.

With never ending gratitude to Judith Kerr for being such an amazing and engaging writer.
Thanks also to Ruth and Tot Spot for letting me have my way, again!
and to Caroline, Hannah and Kathryn for the face painting,
and to all the wonderful families who came along, dressed up and made the event so very very enjoyable.


Love Nora xxx


  1. Just look at their faces! Lucky tigers - so magical!

  2. Lovely pictures :-). You are so great with children! It must help being from old tiger stock. It is hard for us bewildered non-tigers to know which way is up when the tigers come to tea ;)


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