Sunday, 28 March 2010


Flaming Nora held her latest secret sewing club workshops over this weekend.
Lots of little bunnies gathered in South West 16
over Saturday and Sunday
to make some truly eggstordinary Easter bags.
We used pre-cut scrap bag chicks and eggs to decorate the bags.
The bunnies had lots of fun with ribbons, buttons and beads.

Here is a little rogues gallery of all 5 classes.

Bunnies from left to right, Sam 5, Oscar 5,Danny 6, Florence 7, Phoebe 7.

Again bunnies l to r, Sophie 7, Max 6, Lily 8, Olivia 6,
Freya 5, Esme 4.

L to R India 7, Eartha 8, Leon 6, Sam 6.

Kate 10, Sami 10, Kaya 11, Claudia 7.

Mia 6, Connie 6, Ella 7

Isla 5, Emily 5, Rosie 5, Edan 7

It is great to see all the bunnies progress every time they do a new workshop.
Some of these one's have been with me since the beginning
and they develop new skills and their work becomes neater and more refined at each little gathering we have.
And then there are the new bunnies, some are bunnies who have never picked up a piece of cloth and some pins before,
and some who are very accomplished seamstresses already.
And quite a few proudly bring their sewing kits along to show me.

Here is a little taster of what the classes are like.
I hope you can sense the atmosphere of studious fun!

And then there are all the different ways the bunnies interpret the same basic idea.

Oscar didn't like the idea of the chicks, so did two egg instead.
However he still managed to release their inner chick.

Sam's chick came over all a little bit sarf londin with a bit of bling.

Kaya used the beads to create this beautiful effect.

Edan went seriously off piste with his hatching egg.

Rosie found a unique way to sew her wings.

Here is a wee gallery of the finished bags.

Emily, Edan,
Rosie, Isla.

Ella, Connie

Eartha, Kaya, Kate, Claudia,
India, Sami, Leon, Sam.

Max, Lily, Freya,
Sophie, Esme, Olivia.

Sam, Danny, Phoebe,
Florence, Oscar.

Were too many pictures to put all of them in this post, but if you are interested then you can see them all on my flickr site, just click on the link on the right.

And then finally there is always one!

Friday, 26 March 2010


Its coming over all a bit Easter round here m'dears.
Not only is there a lot of furtive cadburys mini egg snaffling going on, but the junior members of Nora's tumbling down end of terrace are becoming glassy eyed when ever they see the Easter isle in Sainsburys.
And Nora has been hoarding goodies and hoping she can remember where they are next Sunday and that the ginger ninja and his blonde side kick don't find them.

This weekend Nora"s hosting the latest secret sewing club event.

Sew Eggciting.
Is a sewing workshop for bunnies aged 6 and over.
They will be making special little bags
to collect their chocolate related booty in.
There are something in the region of 30 bunnies booked in to the classes.
Me thinks a LARGE G and T will be in order at the end of the day.

But in the meantime lots of very eggciting (if a joke's worth telling....)
things have been emerging from the rambling shed.

A whole flock of scrap bag chicks and eggs ( can you have a flock of eggs? surely the intention is there even if the flapping isn't) landed in the garden.
They are made using all those tiny little scraps that are left over from something else, but that are too special to be thrown away.
The ribbons are held in place by one of a vast collection of previously loved
shirt buttons.

Then this string of Easter bunting was found fluttering in the breeze,

cheering up an otherwise dull and rickety fence and bringing joy to all who saw it. (Nora and Rover the cat mainly)

And finally these egg hunt bags came out to play.

The egg hunt labels were made by scanning the original image of the mini appliqu├ęd letters and then printing the image out contact sheet style on to special fabric designed to be put through the printer.

Trim them down, pull away paper backing and sew on.
Even someone as steam powered as I am can do it!

They are all going straight in to my little shop.
Check them out here.
Until next time Happy Easter preparations people.
N xx

Sunday, 14 March 2010


Yesterday whilst out rummaging through boxes of interesting stuff at a car boot sale I found this.

I realized it was some what seasonal as here in good old blighty its mother's day today.

Then whilst pottering in the garden early this morning I found this bunch of flowers fluttering on the washing line.

So I thought I would share them with you.
Happy Mother's day all you Mums out there.

That made me think that I haven't spent a Mother's Day with my Mum in a long time.
So I dashed in inside and made her a cup of tea and a plate of chocolate biscuits.

I even ironed a table cloth (choke, gasp)
so it would all be perfectimundo for her.
The kids picked some flowers and the scene was set,
even Rover the cat joined in.

It was only then that I remembered that Mum is away working in her
temporary job as a lion tamer
in Copenhagen.
Well Ma the thought was there and when you get back there will be a very cold cup of tea and some stale bickies waiting for you.

Monday, 8 March 2010

At some point in the recent past my number one son,
the ginger ninja,
came home from school and informed me it was soon to be world book day
to which end he needed to dress up on Friday as a character from his favorite book.
Unfortunately this essential piece of information was filled amongst a growing pile of clutter in the ramshackle recesses of my mind.
So it was with a healthy amount of horror I realized at 9.30 pm on Thursday that I still had to make a zombie costume.

Drawing heavily on 20 odd years of experience in the costume world of London's glamorous west end I set to on a pile of old clothes with a cheese grater and a pile of felt pens.

Not for nothing was I bottom of the class in printing and dying let me tell you.
The next hurdle was that as all self respecting mothers of boys should know
zombies have an unfortunate habit of shedding body parts as they wander around graveyards late at night.

Cue toilet rolls, the afore mentioned felt pens and a wing and a prayer. But no double sided sticky tape nor in fact sticky backed plastic.

I cut anatomically incorrect finger shapes,

and fashioned them in to tubes.

Then came the felt tip pen bit.
Thankfully the putty colour of the toilet rolls is the perfect zombie hue.

I learnt two important lessons that night
1. Listen properly when your children tell you important stuff.
2. I need to invest in some new felt tip pens for my boys.

The ginger ninja was happy with the end result, though my face painting skills need some polishing.
Make up was never a strong point, there was a reason I gave up on it at 18.

And then the tiny terror wanted to join in.

It looked sort of ok in the beginning,
but after a couple of hours it just looked like bad bruising.
Strange looks were thrown my way in Sainsburys.

World book day brought out the creative best of the children and parents of
Woodmansterne School, SW16.

Olivia Yr 2 as Lucy from the Lion the witch and the wardrobe.

Polly Yr1 as Angelina Ballerina. Auntie Laura had like my good self laboured long and hard in to the night making those them there ears.
Thank God for the Auntie Laura's of this world.

Sian Yr 2 as Puss in Boots.

Phoebe Yr 2 as one of the 101 Dalmatians.

Jenna age 2 as a reluctant Tiger who came to tea.

Kya Yr 6 as Hermione Granger.
Yet another mum had stayed up way too late with steam pouring from her sewing machine.

India Yr 2 as the cat in the hat.

Florence yr 2 as the artful dodger.

And finally Miss Gennoe and Mrs Scrivener Yr 2 teachers as Lauren Child's 'That pesky rat" and Puss in boots.. Just Love the tails.

I was asked for tips and help by so many worried parents in the run up to this event,
and yet the results were wonderful to see.
So much so that I am thinking of running a
"make costumes for your children out of not very much indeed"
workshop. Humm food for thought!

And finally if you were wondering just who the ginger ninja was supposed to be
it was Doug the surfer dude zombie from
Tommy Dombavand's "Scream Street" books.