Its coming over all a bit Easter round here m'dears.
Not only is there a lot of furtive cadburys mini egg snaffling going on, but the junior members of Nora's tumbling down end of terrace are becoming glassy eyed when ever they see the Easter isle in Sainsburys.
And Nora has been hoarding goodies and hoping she can remember where they are next Sunday and that the ginger ninja and his blonde side kick don't find them.

This weekend Nora"s hosting the latest secret sewing club event.

Sew Eggciting.
Is a sewing workshop for bunnies aged 6 and over.
They will be making special little bags
to collect their chocolate related booty in.
There are something in the region of 30 bunnies booked in to the classes.
Me thinks a LARGE G and T will be in order at the end of the day.

But in the meantime lots of very eggciting (if a joke's worth telling....)
things have been emerging from the rambling shed.

A whole flock of scrap bag chicks and eggs ( can you have a flock of eggs? surely the intention is there even if the flapping isn't) landed in the garden.
They are made using all those tiny little scraps that are left over from something else, but that are too special to be thrown away.
The ribbons are held in place by one of a vast collection of previously loved
shirt buttons.

Then this string of Easter bunting was found fluttering in the breeze,

cheering up an otherwise dull and rickety fence and bringing joy to all who saw it. (Nora and Rover the cat mainly)

And finally these egg hunt bags came out to play.

The egg hunt labels were made by scanning the original image of the mini appliquéd letters and then printing the image out contact sheet style on to special fabric designed to be put through the printer.

Trim them down, pull away paper backing and sew on.
Even someone as steam powered as I am can do it!

They are all going straight in to my little shop.
Check them out here.
Until next time Happy Easter preparations people.
N xx


  1. Oooh, I just found your blog while searching for Easter bunting. I love the bags. I also love your sense of humour! SueXX

  2. Thank you Sue, I checked out your blog too. Your Tenna Lady post brought tears to my eyes! Nora x


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