Flaming Nora held her latest secret sewing club workshops over this weekend.
Lots of little bunnies gathered in South West 16
over Saturday and Sunday
to make some truly eggstordinary Easter bags.
We used pre-cut scrap bag chicks and eggs to decorate the bags.
The bunnies had lots of fun with ribbons, buttons and beads.

Here is a little rogues gallery of all 5 classes.

Bunnies from left to right, Sam 5, Oscar 5,Danny 6, Florence 7, Phoebe 7.

Again bunnies l to r, Sophie 7, Max 6, Lily 8, Olivia 6,
Freya 5, Esme 4.

L to R India 7, Eartha 8, Leon 6, Sam 6.

Kate 10, Sami 10, Kaya 11, Claudia 7.

Mia 6, Connie 6, Ella 7

Isla 5, Emily 5, Rosie 5, Edan 7

It is great to see all the bunnies progress every time they do a new workshop.
Some of these one's have been with me since the beginning
and they develop new skills and their work becomes neater and more refined at each little gathering we have.
And then there are the new bunnies, some are bunnies who have never picked up a piece of cloth and some pins before,
and some who are very accomplished seamstresses already.
And quite a few proudly bring their sewing kits along to show me.

Here is a little taster of what the classes are like.
I hope you can sense the atmosphere of studious fun!

And then there are all the different ways the bunnies interpret the same basic idea.

Oscar didn't like the idea of the chicks, so did two egg instead.
However he still managed to release their inner chick.

Sam's chick came over all a little bit sarf londin with a bit of bling.

Kaya used the beads to create this beautiful effect.

Edan went seriously off piste with his hatching egg.

Rosie found a unique way to sew her wings.

Here is a wee gallery of the finished bags.

Emily, Edan,
Rosie, Isla.

Ella, Connie

Eartha, Kaya, Kate, Claudia,
India, Sami, Leon, Sam.

Max, Lily, Freya,
Sophie, Esme, Olivia.

Sam, Danny, Phoebe,
Florence, Oscar.

Were too many pictures to put all of them in this post, but if you are interested then you can see them all on my flickr site, just click on the link on the right.

And then finally there is always one!


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