Thursday, 29 November 2012

This week I have decided to join in with My Creative Spaces, I haven't done this for ages and it feels fun to do it again.
I have a lovely train journey once a week down to the South coast.
I'm traveling against the flow in both directions, always get a comfy seat with a table, and can set my self up for an hour and a half each way of quite me time to get on with what ever I fancy.
Admittedly its often taken up with last minute lesson plans or frantic tap tapping away at the keyboard of my computer.
However sometimes, times like yesterday I have all that delicious time to indulge in a whim.
It was a lovely winters morning 
with that beautiful light that comes from the 
sun being so low in the sky.

Perfect for working on a new Flaming Nora banner and other bits of nonsence.
It was just as stunning on my journey back to the station in the late afternoon.
Pop over here and check out what every one else has been up to.
Love Nora xxx

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Well, good morning every one.
A bit late to my own party I know, but I'm here now.
On Friday I said I was going to have a little competition, so here it is.
I have been asked by the lovely ladies at Crafty Pint to take part in their Christmas workshop extravaganza.
I am hosting a Christmas Wreath making workshop for which I need lots and lots of fabric supplies.
So off I toddled to our local fabric emporiums on the hunt for sparkly festive frippery.
And it is true to say I struck pay dirt in one particular shop.

So here is the low down.
In this pile is 28 1/2 meters of fabric.
What I want you to do is guess how much this huge pile cost me.
Answers in £££ please.
Answers by Thursday please.
And the prize?

Well, while I was out on my expedition in another less tinselly shop I found these beautiful cottons.
So the person with the nearest/correct guess will be sent a fat quarter of each of these fabrics.
So please leave a way for me to get hold of you.

And so in other news here is the low down on next Saturdays Crafty Pint workshops. 

Saturday 1st December.
12 - 6 pm.
At the Tooting Tram and Social
Tooting Broadway SW17.
Lots of lovely drop in workshops
Including my wreath making one.
It would be great to see you there if you can make it down to South London.
Have a great Sunday.
We are off to try and clear up after our fence blew down in last nights gales.
Love Nora xxx

Friday, 23 November 2012

Yes, folks it's so very nearly here.
The "C" word.
In only 32 days time we along with many many others up and down the land and all around the world will be woken up at an ungodly hour  by over excited children jumping on our heads and hitting us with the contents of their Christmas stockings.
So rather than getting my self out there and doing some serious hunter gatherer stuff
I have take to my sewing machine and created frippery and nonsense.
I have made some more of these as they were popular last year.

And then while I was mucking out my workroom, 
trust me when I tell you it was an unbelievable mess, 
I found a pile of old postcards amongst which were four cutsy kitsch ones I bought many years ago on a trip to Copenhagen to see the Viking branch of the family.
They are by Christal Genoptryk about whom I can find very little information and 
certainly none that is in English.
 But as far as I can work out she was a highly prolific Danish illustrator working in the 1960s. 
If you know anything about her I would love to know more.
Any way rather than confine the pictures back to the murky gloom of a storage box I decided to give them a new lease of life.
So four new notebooks were born.

I have also been very busy developing a new sewing kit. 
Meet Finagle the fox.

He is a crafty, cunning and tricksy fellow as his name suggests 
and yet as with all the best rogues he has a cheeky look and a twinkle in his eye.

Next week some time I will be unveiling the last of the current sewing kits in development.
Though there are many more including Ogg Bog rattling about in my little old noggin.
All of these are available from my Folksy shop.
And there is free shipping on the Robin brooches and the notebooks until 21st Dec.
And as if this wasn't enough excitement tomorrow evening I am going to be having a little Christmas build up competition and giveaway, as well as unveiling some exciting workshop related news.
So tune in and see what silliness is occurring on the morrow.
Until then my sweeties.
Nora xxxx

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Today I have been experimenting with fur and feathers.
Well with creating fur and feather like surfaces.

Its just a start.
It wasn't even for my project.
But I am rather taken.
They need working in to, some depth of colour adding, a little bit of shading.
I may do some more work on this idea and try put it to a useful purpose.
I am hankering after making another bird.
Oh the possibilities........
Remember this chappie?

How could you forget?
Well now I would like to introduce you all to Ogg Bog.
Thank you all for the fab suggestions I loved all of them, but really how could I resist Ogg Bog?
So thank you Shelly, I shall be finding something interesting to be sending your way very soon.
And on that happy note I am offski.
Love Nora xxxx

Saturday, 10 November 2012


This week I thought I had the car one day.
But then at the 11th hour it turned out I didn't.
I had a long train journey ahead.
I sprinted to the workshop, grabbed a pile of felt and a couple of sewing essentials and then showing a clean pair of heals hot footed it to the train station.
I came up with this unruly pair.

One each for my unruly pair.
They were pleasingly well received, so well received that I may work them up in to sewing kits at some point soon.
But we have a problem.
The dog is called "Mad Dog" and it fits him well.
But what to call his shady friend?
The boys suggestions all revolved around parts of the body it is best not to mention in polite company and so have been vetoed.
So I am sending out a plea to all you guys to help me out.
A name that is catchy, simple and doesn't involve bottoms would be fab!
Usually I'm quite good at this sort of thing but right now my muse seems to have gone on holiday.
If any one comes up with an absolute corker I'll send them something nice and interesting.
No idea what right now, but as I'm having a massive clear out of the workshop in preparation for moving it will probably interesting.
I'm all ears and waiting on the edge of my seat.
Much Love Nora xxxx

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

I don't talk about my day job much here.
Mainly because Flaming Nora is a good way to escape most of the stress of a job that involves constant deadlines and lots of pressure.
But I talk about my other day job even less.
Two days a week I head off to the South coast to teach theatre costume to rooms full of budding designers and makers.
Here I must warn you that this is going to be a very heavy on the pictures post.
There is much to see and be fascinated by.
So go find your specs, make a cuppa and settle down in a comfy seat.
This last half term our new students have been having their wardrobe induction.
This is when I nag them about putting things back when they have finished, not waisting all the pattern paper and calico and not spreading glue all over the iron and ironing board.
Obviously the students are already very talented and clever, 
otherwise they wouldn't be on the course.
But few of them have made a costume before.
Even less of them have had to think about characterisation before.
And none of them have ever had to put the two together before.
How can you use textiles to set a scene?
Summarise a characters personality?
Dictate the mood of a scene?
And yet not stand out like a sore thumb and work in harmony with all the other characters?
To this end and in the spirit of pushing experimentation as far as I can as early as I can, I developed this textile project.
Taking "The Rakes Progress" by Hogarth as our start point.
I printed out the pictures and then cut them up.
Each student was given a segment of one of the pictures. 
They had to enlarge it and then make a representation of it out of textiles.
The end results were pretty amazing.
I am so proud of what they achieved.
The orgy.

The gambling den.

The debtors prison.


Not bad for a first project.
I must just reiterate this isn't my work. 
I have taught the class and with the able assistance of our fantastic technician Ralph have offered guidance and helped the students overcome their mental blocks.
But this is all 100% their work.
I also asked all their permission before showing their work here.
They really are a bunch of clever bunnies.
Tomorrow they have their first go at pattern cutting a fast and furious gallop through history.
I have high expectations!
Love Nora xxx

Friday, 2 November 2012

Do you do Movember?
I some times wonder if I didn't spend some quality time alone with my tweezers I may will be in with a chance.
This year though I will be able to have a fulsome tash.

And so could you!
I'm only 24 hours late with this one, but hey ho the best laid plans and all that...
You can buy a Make a Mo kit here.

For every kit sold in the month of movember Flaming Nora will make a 
£2 donation to the Movember foundation.
So you will be sewing for the greater good.
The kit contains more or less every thing you need to make all four designs*, 
The Dali, the Magnum, the Poirot and the Lemmy.
*(you need to supply enthusiasm, time and a pair of scissors)
You can see lots of pictures of my two rascals modelling them here if you want a really good laugh.
We have been laughing nonstop about them for about a week.
Happy Movember people.
Love Nora xxxx