Today I have been experimenting with fur and feathers.
Well with creating fur and feather like surfaces.

Its just a start.
It wasn't even for my project.
But I am rather taken.
They need working in to, some depth of colour adding, a little bit of shading.
I may do some more work on this idea and try put it to a useful purpose.
I am hankering after making another bird.
Oh the possibilities........
Remember this chappie?

How could you forget?
Well now I would like to introduce you all to Ogg Bog.
Thank you all for the fab suggestions I loved all of them, but really how could I resist Ogg Bog?
So thank you Shelly, I shall be finding something interesting to be sending your way very soon.
And on that happy note I am offski.
Love Nora xxxx


  1. Hello!
    I adore the textural story this little pile of fluffyness suggests, it talks to my senses and says "I'm cute love me"? I wonder how other textures talk to our emotions....
    Love Ogg bog hate to think what hes trying to say??
    Bestest Daisy j x

  2. Ogg Bog is a great name :).

    I'm looking forward to seeing more of this fluffy project! You're doing neat stuff with the fibers!!

  3. I think Ogg Bog says, "Ogg Bog." I am liking the look of your fandango of your feathery furry bits very much! Keep on!

  4. Not like you to do fluffy stuff! I like it though.
    Gorgeous friend you've made, his name suits him so well.


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