This week I thought I had the car one day.
But then at the 11th hour it turned out I didn't.
I had a long train journey ahead.
I sprinted to the workshop, grabbed a pile of felt and a couple of sewing essentials and then showing a clean pair of heals hot footed it to the train station.
I came up with this unruly pair.

One each for my unruly pair.
They were pleasingly well received, so well received that I may work them up in to sewing kits at some point soon.
But we have a problem.
The dog is called "Mad Dog" and it fits him well.
But what to call his shady friend?
The boys suggestions all revolved around parts of the body it is best not to mention in polite company and so have been vetoed.
So I am sending out a plea to all you guys to help me out.
A name that is catchy, simple and doesn't involve bottoms would be fab!
Usually I'm quite good at this sort of thing but right now my muse seems to have gone on holiday.
If any one comes up with an absolute corker I'll send them something nice and interesting.
No idea what right now, but as I'm having a massive clear out of the workshop in preparation for moving it will probably interesting.
I'm all ears and waiting on the edge of my seat.
Much Love Nora xxxx


  1. I'd call him Byron. Looks like he's mad, bad and dangerous to know...

  2. Mad Dog 'n' Bad Rog ... ok cringe, best I can do after two glasses of vino! M x

  3. First thing that came to mind was 'Buttmunch'- I'm obviously no better than your adorable offspring. I apologise. X

  4. He looks like a "Squirt" to me :). Both of these are real cute!

  5. I think he looks like a mole - so how about 'Mole the Groan'

  6. Utter Nutter! or the Kooky Kid maybe... haha! x

  7. Your shady friend looks like a cheeky little Eskimo boy - somehow the name 'AkaLaka' comes to mind. It's a long, long time since I used felt, and strangely enough today I saw some on a market stall and fingered it longingly. Your little creatures make me determined to buy some next time I see it, they're cute!


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