Do you do Movember?
I some times wonder if I didn't spend some quality time alone with my tweezers I may will be in with a chance.
This year though I will be able to have a fulsome tash.

And so could you!
I'm only 24 hours late with this one, but hey ho the best laid plans and all that...
You can buy a Make a Mo kit here.

For every kit sold in the month of movember Flaming Nora will make a 
£2 donation to the Movember foundation.
So you will be sewing for the greater good.
The kit contains more or less every thing you need to make all four designs*, 
The Dali, the Magnum, the Poirot and the Lemmy.
*(you need to supply enthusiasm, time and a pair of scissors)
You can see lots of pictures of my two rascals modelling them here if you want a really good laugh.
We have been laughing nonstop about them for about a week.
Happy Movember people.
Love Nora xxxx


  1. What a fun way to celebrate and support Movember!! The hubby is working on his (scary) stache now :).


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