Yes, folks it's so very nearly here.
The "C" word.
In only 32 days time we along with many many others up and down the land and all around the world will be woken up at an ungodly hour  by over excited children jumping on our heads and hitting us with the contents of their Christmas stockings.
So rather than getting my self out there and doing some serious hunter gatherer stuff
I have take to my sewing machine and created frippery and nonsense.
I have made some more of these as they were popular last year.

And then while I was mucking out my workroom, 
trust me when I tell you it was an unbelievable mess, 
I found a pile of old postcards amongst which were four cutsy kitsch ones I bought many years ago on a trip to Copenhagen to see the Viking branch of the family.
They are by Christal Genoptryk about whom I can find very little information and 
certainly none that is in English.
 But as far as I can work out she was a highly prolific Danish illustrator working in the 1960s. 
If you know anything about her I would love to know more.
Any way rather than confine the pictures back to the murky gloom of a storage box I decided to give them a new lease of life.
So four new notebooks were born.

I have also been very busy developing a new sewing kit. 
Meet Finagle the fox.

He is a crafty, cunning and tricksy fellow as his name suggests 
and yet as with all the best rogues he has a cheeky look and a twinkle in his eye.

Next week some time I will be unveiling the last of the current sewing kits in development.
Though there are many more including Ogg Bog rattling about in my little old noggin.
All of these are available from my Folksy shop.
And there is free shipping on the Robin brooches and the notebooks until 21st Dec.
And as if this wasn't enough excitement tomorrow evening I am going to be having a little Christmas build up competition and giveaway, as well as unveiling some exciting workshop related news.
So tune in and see what silliness is occurring on the morrow.
Until then my sweeties.
Nora xxxx


  1. LOVE the robin and the fox - he is going on my wish list to Santa. Thanks for the comment on my blog btw, nice to know I'm not alone!

  2. Cute fox, Christams is sneaking up this year, I'm so unprepared!

  3. Hi, I think you might have gotten the name wrong for artist. if I'm not mistaken Genoptryk in Danish means reprinted.... Danish is not my mothertounge but Swedish is very much alike. try google translate. happy holidays/Sara


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