Saturday, 30 June 2012

Yes its back after a very very long break.
If you are new to this and have no idea what I'm wittering on about you can see some previous tales here and here.
Basically its where I take a load of old scraps of fabric, stuff that would other wise be thrown away and 
make it in to something other than landfill.
If you want to join in too then you can get your own scrap bags more or less for free here.
I say more or less as sadly I do have to charge for p&p. I would love not to but I just aint that rich!
A friend of ours, lets call him Jon so he matches his card, has had a very special birthday.
He didn't want presents, well don't we all have enough junk?
But really when its a special birthday, shop just won't do.
So out came the old scrap bag and in a surprisingly short time one cricket themed card was produced.
I do love a bit of machine embroidery I have probably said this before but I find it a bit like meditation.
Concentrating on one creative process that just flows, shutting off all the other things. 
Its as if slowly the rest of the world fades away to a comforting background humm and its just me, the machine fabric and threads having a meaningful chat.
Any way there are lots of scrapbags in the shop so check it out if you feel the urge. 
There are also some rather interesting vintage ribbons and trims there too at the moment.
Have a fab weekend.
I'm off to immerse my self in the worlds of cycling and crochet.
And no they are not incompatible worlds, well not in my mind any way!
Love Nora xxx
Ok I am going to try and do this only once in the next 3 weeks, but hand on heart I'm not sure I will be able to.
Excitement is mounting in this household.
Today is the day.
In a few hours the boys will be getting in to the saddles and peddling hard.
3 weeks of blood sweat and tears for us and them.
In but a few short hours the Tour begins.
I feel as though I have been waiting waiting waiting for a 49 weeks for it to start.

Ok clam now, but not for long.
Promise I will be back with proper crafty stuff later.
Nora xxx

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Well hello people, today I would like to invite you to something.
Something really rather special.
A date or for your diaries.


The Ninja knitters are at it again!
As part of the Streatham Festival 2012 they have been busy busy busy creating something amazing for your delectation and delight.


 "The Ninja Knitters are a fluid group 
of like - minded souls who, 
after many hours close study of such uplifting and enlightening texts as "Woman's Weekly" December 1972 edition and "Woman's Own" 1952 - 57, 
realised that the only way to live a good, clean and just life was to take up the needles,
 not in anger but in love!
Their new project, "The Fire Blanket", 
created especially for the Streatham Festival will transform Streatham Green into a woolly fire themed wonderland. With a yarn bomb spectacular, 
they will create a welcoming place for the people of Streatham to stop and stare, 
to meet new people, 
to pause and take a relaxing breath 
in the mad dash of life in SW16.
Come and meet the Ninjas, 
join them in a fireside chat 
and add to the instillation by making 
wooly fire flies to hang in the trees 
or make your own part of the lava flow to the newly erupted volcano."
 There will be 11 different fire themed scenes for you to gaze upon and the Volcanic explosion created in conjunction with the Woody Ninjas for you to 
admire and add to.
We will be at Streatham Green from 11 am till 4 pm on Saturday 7th July 
And the instillation will be up till the Sunday Evening.
It would be amazing to meet some of you there in person on the Saturday.
Though I must warn you, us Ninjas go about heavily disguised!
Love Nora xxxx

Sunday, 17 June 2012

There is a spanish proverb that goes like this
"Only an Aunt can give hugs like a mother, can keep secrets like a sister, and share love like a friend"
And let me tell you I have in my time had some mighty hugs from my Auntie B.

In all of my earliest memories Uncle D and Auntie B are there, woven in to the foundations of my life.
The small scar on my left knee, I got that because of a bit of over enthusiastic picking of a scab on my knee aged 4 in their back garden.
Memories of monopoly games that went on for days.
Cut throat card games.
A bottomless dressing up box from which my Grandmother masterminded epic plays for us to put on for the entertainment of the grown ups at Christmas.
And scones, always lots and lots of scones.
And then they are the parents of one of my most favourite people ever, so really there could never be a blip in my love for them.
Some times it is hard to tell some one how much they mean to you.
My friend Ali once told me to play to my strengths.
So I stitched up all my love and feelings for them, so that every time they looked at the picture they would know how important they are to me.

I have shown a work in progress of this before, so I thought I would share the finished article too.
This is the picture I took it from.

Taken in October 96 on a very wet day by my mother.
I had to do a lot of tweaking to get the photo to look this good!
The only thing I have to add now is that the faces were hard!
Man they were hard.
I knew they would be hard, but really, they were hard.
Love Nora xxx

Friday, 15 June 2012


I have a new friend.

Well actually we have been friendly for quite a while.
A like minded stitchy bloggy person.
We have been muttering about meeting up for ever.
So when I heard that a quilt she had made was going to be included in an exhibit at the bistro in John Lewis on Oxford St, I thought I should go and have a lookie.
When Colette found out I was planning to go she suggested we go together.
I envisioned an afternoon of interesting chat in a classy environment, copious drinking of tea and quaffing of cake, whilst the sun shone on the birth of a 
beautiful new friendship.

However is was a wet and dismal Friday at the end of half term.
I told the boys they had to look SMART, so the Ginger one strolled down stairs looking like Ali G's younger brother  and the bombshell managed to smear muck from the
 window of the bus all over himself.
Then I lost our travel cards and had to que for ever in an over crowded ticket hall at Victoria tube station to buy more.
Bang went the cool clam mother of two well behaved polite young darlings I had stupidly thought I could pull off.
Who was I trying to kid? 
I mean Colette reads this blog for Gods sake.
But it was a fab afternoon.
Its very strange to meet someone you think you know, but have never met.
It could all go horribly wrong so easily.
It didn't.
A friend asked me afterwards if Colette was as I had imagined she was.
And I have to say yes. 
I suspect we could have chatted all afternoon.
However there were 4 children.
Two of each, and after a rather shy start from Colette's girls they all ended up drawing disapproving glances from the other (posh) mostly child-free dinners.
Lots of loud giggling and running round the table whilst the adults half heartidly said things like
 "Sush" or "Sit down".
Really we were looking with envy at the couple with only one small shockingly well behaved child and saying wistfully things like "do you remember when you only had one?"
Oh and the quilt exhibition was fab.

I'm very intrigued to know if this scanny thingie
 works via the computer.

Let me know if you give it a go and it does.
I loved the portrait of the Queen

and really really loved the flower.

It is all hand sewn, tiny tiny squares about 1/2" large.
It is shown with the reverse as the right side as the texture is so amazing.
Its given me lots of ideas.
But really is there time in my life for quilting as well as every thing else?
If you want to read the other side of the story its here.
And truly she isn't exaggerating about the bum pinching.
Happy days. Happy friends old and new.
Sorry I've been gone so long, I had no idea its been nearly 2 weeks. Will try harder in the future.
Love Nora xxx

Monday, 4 June 2012


The bombshell has been getting all stitchy again.
This time in the old red white and blue.

He wants to send it to Her Maj.
But I think I want it to stay here.
Please note that whilst in previous posts we have shown scant regard for our children's health and safety in the pursuit of an interesting post. 
This time we have on the high vis vest of extreme safety.
Hope you are all having a wonderful Jubilee weekend.
Love Nora xxx