Friday, 20 April 2012


But first a HUGE thank you
for the amazing messages you have all left me after yesterdays post.
I am amazed and really touched by all the love and support you all showed.
Today is a new day and not only do I feel back to normal, but my lovely nephew is now allowed home for most of every day.
I was describing the last week to a friend today and she jokingly said
"Oh it sounds like an episode of House".
It was with a sickening realisation that it was a little too close to the truth.
But enough! He is getting better and that is all that now matters.
And so to the edited (heavily) highlights of the holidays.
Make it to the end of this lot and you will realise why I ended up with some kind of emotional melt down last night

Birthday bowling.

The turbine hall at the Tate Modern with the Welsh Anglo/Finns.

Easter Bunnies

Spider Man meets Lottie.

And then flakes out at the supermarket, much to the surprise of the young French checkout assistant.

Encampments in the woods.

Walks up to very windy hill tops.

Young boys leaping for the sky.

And of course embroidery.
Embroidery with a stitching mad little sister.
Actually I'm exhausted just looking back at it all!
Have a restful weekend people, and once again, thank you.
Much Love Nora xxxx

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Having had two wonderful weeks off,
spending time with the boys, our Anglo/Finnish Welsh friends, the in laws and
the french arm of the family,
though thankfully not all at the same time!
Too many nights were spent not in my own bed.
Three of which were spent on the slowly deflating air-bed of doom.
But it was worth it so much fun was had.
I then came back to earth with a little bit too much of a bump.
A 16 hr journey home followed by eight costumes in two days.
Today the pull of the undertow was strong.
So I have taken to my bed with a fuzzy head and sore back.
Tomorrow is another day and I have no doubt all will be well.
But me feeling slightly under parr is the least of our worries.
Illness is stalking my most beloved and precious at the moment.
One of the junior Vikings has spent his Spring break in hospital.
Grandmothers have been dispatched from the homelands to the north.
Whilst Aunties spend their spring break in France worrying and fretting with Granddad.
An other most treasured and loved family member is also very ill.
What to do?
I'm left feeling at a loss and can be of no useful help.
Well other than listen and love.
The junior Viking has had a huge parcel chocked full of lego and fake moustaches dispatched to great him on his return from hospital.
But what of the rest of the family?
Shockingly lego wouldn't do here.
Then I remembered some of the best advice I've ever had.
A few years ago in the midst of some trauma of other I turned to my friend Ali who said "Jane always play to your strengths"
So I have started this.

Not a great photo, but the light is so bad today.
I will tell the whole tale when its finished and delivered.
The slow painstaking stitching helps.
Each one reminds me just how much the people in it mean to me and how much I love them.
Tomorrow I will return with more upbeat tales.
Love Nora xxxx

Sunday, 8 April 2012


May the Easter bunny be generous in the extreme and you eat till you drop.
May it be restful and relaxing.
Happy holiday
Love Nora xxxx

Monday, 2 April 2012

This Saturday just gone was a busy busy day.
Old Nora she rolled up to the Railway, glam new venue for the kids sewing classes, local pub extrodinaire and general fab place to hang out.
Any hoo I rolled up there early in the morning and set up a table full of my wares, what nots and sewing kits.

It was the day of the Farmer's and Craft Market.
I don't do many craft fairs, in fact I think this is probably only my second one.
But I had such a great time.
I went home with a much lighter load than I went with, which was rather pleasing,
and in fact completely sold out of Owl sewing kits and ended up taking orders.
Lots of happy bunnies made brooches in my drop in sewing session

some sewing for the first time,
some old hands.
Little Miss E was only 4 yrs. old and did it mostly all by her self.

Some diversified
and every one had fun with the button stash.
There were loads of great stalls selling the most amazing hand made things and delicious food.

Bread and pastries from Gill Wing Farm.

Cup cakes galore by Nadine Thierry.

A trunk of sock monkeys by Moo Cat.

And these amazing fascinators and knickers by the very glamerous Anna Agyekum.
And beautiful screen prints by Polly Burton.
I bought lots of her cards.

In fact I had so much fun I may even consider doing it again.
But for now I'm sitting back and enjoying the Easter holidays.
Hope you are enjoying yours too.
Love Nora xxx

happy April.

Love Nora xxx