Wednesday, 28 September 2011

I've decided to take a bit of a break from my lovely blog.
Just a couple of weeks or so.
Every since the beginning of July I have been so very very busy.
I am just taking a few moments out from the eye of the storm to say hi and bye.
Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines.
I am eating, sleeping, drinking, dreaming deadlines at the moment.
I will be back with more tales of sewing, ridiculous knitting
and life in the flaming household soon.
In the mean time here are some fab images from a machine embroidery class I held last Saturday.
Not one had done any machine embroidery before.
Aren't they a clever bunch?

See you soon.
Love Nora xxx

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

ok so that should have been "Ninja Knitters"
But after the umpteenth time of having to shout it out whilst having our photos taken,
this flaming Ninja got a bit bored, a bit restless and felt a little bit naughty.
"I wonder if they will notice" was flicking through her addled brain.
Some did, some didn't, some joined in.
Hey when you have spent an entire summer knitting a blooming car,
you have to grab the kicks whilst you can.
Let me tell you!

I am here this evening to tell you more, to show you more and possibly if the wind is in the right direction and the gods are a smiling upon me upload ALL the photos of the day to Flickr.

"The Day? What is this 'Day' she speaks of?"
Oh dear oh deary me.
Well for those of you who haven't been following the Ninja Knitters every move with bated breath for the whole of the summer, I will give you a quick update.
The Ninjas are a secretive bunch working tirelessly to bring joy to the inhabitants of south west London through the medium of wool.
Earlier in the year a very nice lady from Lambeth Council contacted the ninjas with a very interesting proposal.
To knit a car.
Yes thats right a car.
A V.W polo to be precise.
It was to be part of the Lambeth Car free day celebrations.
And the date was this Sunday just gone.
The needles were polished, the yarn was purchased, the fevered activity begun.
Fast forward, fast forward, fast forward...
Sunday 18th September 2011.
A core group of Ninjas gathered early.

And yes we did drive to the car free day.
The dramatic irony of it tickled me!
Fuelled by bacon butties and cups of tea, the assembly plant swung in to full throttle.

By one o'clock the final stitch in the final wing mirror was in place and we had lift off.

At 1.30 the massed ranks of ninjas had gathered.

Aided and abetted by our tallest fan the crowds of admirers lingered,

taking photos and joining in our guess the number of squares competition.

We had some fab prizes,
"Stitch London" book by Lauren O'Farrell which I really want.
I will have the mother of all tantrums if I don't get it for Christmas let me tell you!
And a special Ninja Knitters yarn bombing kit, complete with humorous instructions and garish wool.
We managed to raise £85 for this local charity,
and are now feeling very pleased with our selves.
Watching people's reactions to the car, especially the children was wonderful.

This wasn't the only kiss the car had that day.

My favourite bit of the day?
Late on a random woman who none of us knew came up to us
with a big smile on her face and said
"thats my car!"
But I then got distracted by someone asking me something and when I turned back she was gone gone gone.
So I'm sorry George's wife, I don't even know your name,
but you sure did make my day!
My favourite photo of the day?
A group of weary but happy Ninjas and their children having a rest on the cemetery wall.

My apologies if I have repeated my self and or any photos from the last post.
But I was very very tired!
I shall return later in the week with a knitting free post.
I shall be returning to what I do best.
Love and a warm knitted wooly blankie to all.
Nora xx

Monday, 19 September 2011



The above quote was from the mother of a junior league ninja.
She has a point.

Other very notable quotes from the Lambeth Council Car free day included
"Now I have seen EVERY THING!
nothing can surprise me anymore"

And this one,
young girl on the right "who made this thing?"
young boy on the left "I know"
Me "do you?"
young boy "yes it was some really old woman"
Me "uh!"

There is so much to say about yesterday,
the fun we had,
the fun the public had,
the fact it didn't rain,
the money we raised,
the children,
the man on stilts,
the disguises.
I have had to try and whittle down the 125 odd pictures I took to a
handful to fit here today.
Way way too hard.
So I have decided this one will be a two parter.
And I shall be back tomorrow with more tails and more pictures.
In the mean time bask in our reflected glory and enjoy this selection of images.

Ninja dress code for the day - Hilda Ogden Chic.
The new disguises worked perfectly, none of us were rumbled.

Oh and it was Boon's birthday.

A sneaky peek at the prizes for our guess the number of squares in the car competition.

There were so so many Ninjas who put so much effort in to make this the most amazing event.
Over 30 at the last count.
Thank you all, every stitch even the dropped ones, were perfect.
Love Nora xxx

Friday, 16 September 2011


This weekend just gone some one very dear to all of our hearts,
but especially the boys hearts,
the Blonde Bombshell's Gemmie got married.
I, me, Nora thats me,
was asked to make an especially special gift to play an especially special and important role on the day.
A ring pillow.
Now I am not a smushy person, well not that smushy.
Well ok I am a wimp, and a woostie who really did cry real tears the other evening whilst explaining the plot of the Railway Children to some one.
"Daddy, Daddy, my Daddy!"
Ok stop now.
This could become messy.
Back to the point.
I am not really a mushy weddingy kind of gal.
I hate making wedding dresses and there are only a couple of people in the whole wide world I would make one for, and you know who you are.
But the idea of being allowed to do what ever I wanted was rather a welcome distraction at the moment.
But giving me free rein can be fatal.
And yet some how it turned out rather well and very weddingy.
A quick copy of a 1970's print of this Coleridge poem,

a selection of vaguely purple threads and a thrilling find of some shamrock themed vintage lace
(perfect for some one from an Irish family)
mixed with a healthy love of machine embroidery

and we had lift off.

Congratulations to Gemma and Nick.
Love Nora xx

Wednesday, 14 September 2011


I feel I may be on the verge of becoming boring about the knitted car.
But I PROMISE this will be the last ever post about it before the big day.
But as the big day is only 4 days away I feel this will not be a hard promise to keep.
I have now got beyond the point of this cuddly car keeping me awake at night.
The predictions of Ninja H that we would have too many squares has come most defiantly true.
There are lots of funny fiddly odd shapes still to sort out,
but some of our funny fiddly Ninjas (please note I tactfully left the odd shaped out) have volunteered to take care of those.
There is also a fair quantity of sewing together to be done.
But I figure some one who has been sewing for a living for as long as I have should make short work of that.

And so all I really need to worry about is the guess the total amount of squares in the car competition, in aid of these guys.
A very local and very deserving cause.
Oh and order a prize and hope it arrives in time, AAARGH!
Here is a view of the car laid out on Ninja K's kitchen floor from rear window to front bumper.

So if you are just a sitting about a doing nothing this Sunday, 18th Sept
Hop on a train to West Norwood in fair London town and come along and say "Hello".
Us Ninja's are a friendly lot.
Though they may be a little skittish as they are by nature a secretive bunch of critters.
Though if you can spot them in their clever disguises
then MI5 may be coming a calling.
If you think this is creative, no really you do!, then just check out what these
creative types are doing.
Love Nora xx

大阪駅の水時計 [ Osaka Station City ] e

Oh There was so so so so much I was going to tell you tonight.
Many many knitty things.
But now they are going to have to wait.
Wait till tomorrow, or may be later if I can be bothered.
For I bring you a film of such magnificence it is head scrambling.
What kind of a mind would devise such a thing?
Only surely the Japanese.
I want one, no really I do!
Watch and be amazed kids, watch and be amazed.
Love Nora xx

Friday, 2 September 2011


Do you ever find that your life is being echoed left right and centre in other peoples blogs?
It all started a couple of weeks ago at Myrtle and Eunice.
I guess this post caught me at a low ebb.
I try not to rant on about it here, because lets face it who wants to hear me whinge on endlessly, but now we are nearing the very very end of the holidays I'm going to allow myself a small moment.
The truth is for me the long summer holidays are not the
rose tinted romp they are for others.
July, August and September are the busiest time of the year for me.
And by busy I don't mean having a rather long list and not much spare time.
I mean the kind of busy its best not to think about because if you do you will run screaming from the room and be found hours later under a hedge, gently rocking back and fro, dribbling and muttering.
Throw in to the mix two little boys who want, need and deserve a rose tinted romp of a holiday, the need to take them away on a holiday, visits to friends and relatives and grand days out when I don't have time to scratch let alone enjoy the sunshine.
Then of course there is always what some close to me I suspect secretly regard as the stupidity of deciding to take on the task of organising the knitting of a car.
Any way enough of this, because let me tell you I can become very boring very quickly and I would hate for you to leave before I have even started to get to the point!
So back to Myrtle and Eunice and of course the point of all this rambling.
The post was all about how there is too much No! in our children's lives and no where enough YES!
And how it doesn't take much to turn this situation round.
Then I had an e-mail from Colette telling me about an exhibition of the work of Judith Kerr at the Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green.
You can read all about her family's trip here.
Now my love of "The Tiger who came to Tea" is well known to long time readers.
But my first reaction was no.
I can't.
We have no time,
and quite frankly after last weekends disastrous trip to the cinema I wasn't even sure I wanted to be out in public with either of them.
And over that I think it is best to draw a heavy, quilted, sound proofed veil.
But it is the end of the holidays.
Both boys either go back to school or start in the nursery at the school (gulp) next Wednesday. This weekend is beyond full already.
So it was now or never for a last hurrah.

And if we ignore a minor melt down on my part in the tube station all went swimmingly well.
No one stood still long enough for a proper picture, but I think the blur kind of imparts the spirit of the day rather well.

Except for that one rare moment of heart stopping sweetness that had people calling to their friends to quickly come and look when the bombshell disguised as Mog the cat decided to curl up under the picture of a sleeping Mog and have a 30 second nap.

Oh and this was when we put "Tiger feet" on the juke box.

The boys had pocket money burning holes in their pockets, so while I browsed the beautiful selection of children's books in the shop they bought a miniature box of watercolours each.

Which lead to some very interesting results in the train on the way home.

Which to bring the story full circle seems to be a very similar result to when my friend Lola said a lot of YES to her daughter.
If you made it this far through such a rambling, ranting and quite frankly at times pointless post then a big gold sticky star for you and 10 house points.
Thank you for bearing with me. I feel much better now!
So today I am very very grateful for the word "Yes".
Much Love Nora xxx
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