Do you ever find that your life is being echoed left right and centre in other peoples blogs?
It all started a couple of weeks ago at Myrtle and Eunice.
I guess this post caught me at a low ebb.
I try not to rant on about it here, because lets face it who wants to hear me whinge on endlessly, but now we are nearing the very very end of the holidays I'm going to allow myself a small moment.
The truth is for me the long summer holidays are not the
rose tinted romp they are for others.
July, August and September are the busiest time of the year for me.
And by busy I don't mean having a rather long list and not much spare time.
I mean the kind of busy its best not to think about because if you do you will run screaming from the room and be found hours later under a hedge, gently rocking back and fro, dribbling and muttering.
Throw in to the mix two little boys who want, need and deserve a rose tinted romp of a holiday, the need to take them away on a holiday, visits to friends and relatives and grand days out when I don't have time to scratch let alone enjoy the sunshine.
Then of course there is always what some close to me I suspect secretly regard as the stupidity of deciding to take on the task of organising the knitting of a car.
Any way enough of this, because let me tell you I can become very boring very quickly and I would hate for you to leave before I have even started to get to the point!
So back to Myrtle and Eunice and of course the point of all this rambling.
The post was all about how there is too much No! in our children's lives and no where enough YES!
And how it doesn't take much to turn this situation round.
Then I had an e-mail from Colette telling me about an exhibition of the work of Judith Kerr at the Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green.
You can read all about her family's trip here.
Now my love of "The Tiger who came to Tea" is well known to long time readers.
But my first reaction was no.
I can't.
We have no time,
and quite frankly after last weekends disastrous trip to the cinema I wasn't even sure I wanted to be out in public with either of them.
And over that I think it is best to draw a heavy, quilted, sound proofed veil.
But it is the end of the holidays.
Both boys either go back to school or start in the nursery at the school (gulp) next Wednesday. This weekend is beyond full already.
So it was now or never for a last hurrah.

And if we ignore a minor melt down on my part in the tube station all went swimmingly well.
No one stood still long enough for a proper picture, but I think the blur kind of imparts the spirit of the day rather well.

Except for that one rare moment of heart stopping sweetness that had people calling to their friends to quickly come and look when the bombshell disguised as Mog the cat decided to curl up under the picture of a sleeping Mog and have a 30 second nap.

Oh and this was when we put "Tiger feet" on the juke box.

The boys had pocket money burning holes in their pockets, so while I browsed the beautiful selection of children's books in the shop they bought a miniature box of watercolours each.

Which lead to some very interesting results in the train on the way home.

Which to bring the story full circle seems to be a very similar result to when my friend Lola said a lot of YES to her daughter.
If you made it this far through such a rambling, ranting and quite frankly at times pointless post then a big gold sticky star for you and 10 house points.
Thank you for bearing with me. I feel much better now!
So today I am very very grateful for the word "Yes".
Much Love Nora xxx
For more grateful people click here.


  1. oh man this looks like good times!

  2. Well done sweetie. Days like this are the days they'll remember (and so will you). Lots of Love to you all. xxAmandaxx

  3. I said Yes to the boys yesterday and found 6 buckets full of glop under the washing line. Containing clothes pegs, most of the flowers from my garden and they used most of the contents from the fridge and cupboard, which meant we had a very interesting tea,but it kept them busy for a good hour or two. Yes is good me thinks. X

  4. I love it. looks like they had such a great time! The sleeping mog is so sweet, and i love the face painting on the train! hilarious! Think i might try and be more of a 'yes' mum from now on too. :)

  5. LOL, blurry photos, gotta love them. You're so game letting them open the watercolours on the train. I don't think I could be that much of a yes mum lol

  6. It's a very long time since anyone gave me one housepoint, never mind ten :-) Looks like you all had lots of fun.

  7. Glad you managed to squeeze it in, a bit of YES is definitely a good thing.

    Cute cat pictures, mine had great fun in the cat basket but I couldn't get the flash to work on my phone/camera and just have lots of black blurry images :(

    I would not have said yes to paints on the train though - you are more game than me! x

  8. well I always try and have 'yes' as my first response too, nothing wrong with that. I feel it makes the world a better place. As for your hedge scenario...you mean that's not normal? I do it at least once a week!

  9. This is a great inspiring article. Your tips are extremely valuable. I have bookmarked your site to check out the new stuff you post.

  10. would love to visit that exhibition
    I try for "yes" too but its not always easy

  11. That DOES look like fun! I know how hard it is on days of "No" and feel exactly the same way about getting more "Yes" into my kid's lives. :)

  12. You are a Great Big Twit for the knitty car bizzo - but I blame you not one jot. Exuberant high fivings to you for squeezing in the YES. I love Yes. I less love the Yes clean-up (our yes involved a lot of mud this weekend) but I reckon all up, it's worth it for the skip in the step and the smiles on their dials.

    Now hang in there bizzy lady! x


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