ok so that should have been "Ninja Knitters"
But after the umpteenth time of having to shout it out whilst having our photos taken,
this flaming Ninja got a bit bored, a bit restless and felt a little bit naughty.
"I wonder if they will notice" was flicking through her addled brain.
Some did, some didn't, some joined in.
Hey when you have spent an entire summer knitting a blooming car,
you have to grab the kicks whilst you can.
Let me tell you!

I am here this evening to tell you more, to show you more and possibly if the wind is in the right direction and the gods are a smiling upon me upload ALL the photos of the day to Flickr.

"The Day? What is this 'Day' she speaks of?"
Oh dear oh deary me.
Well for those of you who haven't been following the Ninja Knitters every move with bated breath for the whole of the summer, I will give you a quick update.
The Ninjas are a secretive bunch working tirelessly to bring joy to the inhabitants of south west London through the medium of wool.
Earlier in the year a very nice lady from Lambeth Council contacted the ninjas with a very interesting proposal.
To knit a car.
Yes thats right a car.
A V.W polo to be precise.
It was to be part of the Lambeth Car free day celebrations.
And the date was this Sunday just gone.
The needles were polished, the yarn was purchased, the fevered activity begun.
Fast forward, fast forward, fast forward...
Sunday 18th September 2011.
A core group of Ninjas gathered early.

And yes we did drive to the car free day.
The dramatic irony of it tickled me!
Fuelled by bacon butties and cups of tea, the assembly plant swung in to full throttle.

By one o'clock the final stitch in the final wing mirror was in place and we had lift off.

At 1.30 the massed ranks of ninjas had gathered.

Aided and abetted by our tallest fan the crowds of admirers lingered,

taking photos and joining in our guess the number of squares competition.

We had some fab prizes,
"Stitch London" book by Lauren O'Farrell which I really want.
I will have the mother of all tantrums if I don't get it for Christmas let me tell you!
And a special Ninja Knitters yarn bombing kit, complete with humorous instructions and garish wool.
We managed to raise £85 for this local charity,
and are now feeling very pleased with our selves.
Watching people's reactions to the car, especially the children was wonderful.

This wasn't the only kiss the car had that day.

My favourite bit of the day?
Late on a random woman who none of us knew came up to us
with a big smile on her face and said
"thats my car!"
But I then got distracted by someone asking me something and when I turned back she was gone gone gone.
So I'm sorry George's wife, I don't even know your name,
but you sure did make my day!
My favourite photo of the day?
A group of weary but happy Ninjas and their children having a rest on the cemetery wall.

My apologies if I have repeated my self and or any photos from the last post.
But I was very very tired!
I shall return later in the week with a knitting free post.
I shall be returning to what I do best.
Love and a warm knitted wooly blankie to all.
Nora xx


  1. oh the hours / days you ninjas have given up for this, you are soooo dedicated!

    Where is it now? What happens to these wonders? tell me it has a safe and happy home...??

  2. I was going to ask the same as Colette - it should be on permanent display somewhere! It's magnificent.

  3. you should all be very proud!! I love it!! It's amazing.....

  4. Thank you for your extra comment over at mine - it warms my heart :-)
    I like it so much I'm going to add it onto the blog post :-)
    Happy weekend to you,


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