Saturday, 28 January 2012

I found this meme over at Punky and me.
And I thought why not.
I can show off some more of my new crochet skills at the same time!
They are just a very large version of the monsters really,
I kept increasing until its seemed big enough and then went on spiralling up.

Then I tried one with a wibbly edge

And then I tried stripes.

Next week I will have some VERY interesting news for you all.
But in the mean time I've found a pattern for crochet fishies to try out.
Love Nora xxx
After literally years of being befuddled by crochet, I have finally cracked it.
You see I saw these.
And I knew I had to pull my self together and sort it out.
So with a little help from you tube and some well timed advice about the interface of new skills and post new years eve home made vodka hangover VS anger management, from the Hippy
I cracked it.
And these little critters came to visit.

There were many many more of them
but they all found new homes amongst the Bombshell's little friends.
You see we had one of these last week

So I take back all I have ever said about crochet,
because as my good friend Ali pointed out
it has a vey nice action!
Happy weekend.
Love Nora xxx

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Casting our minds backwards some of us may remember that I recently proved that idle day dreams as not a waste of time and they can come true.
I am of course referring to Joan and her amazing fabric stash.
But let me tell you a secret, thats not the only idle day dream I have had.
Oh no.

I also have one where I stumble upon an amazing but virtually unknown shop full of beautiful vintage haberdashery (did I ever mention my haberdashery obsession?)
that is having an every thing must go sale.
The kind of sale that leaves you breathless and dizzy.
Well the shop wasn't quite unknown, not to me, and not to you, as I do believe I have mentioned Wayward and the lovely Betty on more than one occasion.
But I was not prepared for the fact it was closing down and really and truly
every thing had to go.
Thank fully I was in St Leonards on Sea at the right time.

And doubly thankfully even though they were closing down,
they are reopening a few doors up the road soon.
The prices were insane, I don't think any thing I bought cost more that £2 an item.
And by item I mean each of the boxes of buttons above were £2,
and the huge bundles of ribbon £1.

It was like living in a dream, an idle day dream even!

I came away with bags full of booty, I probably could have bought so much more, but to be honest it was all a little overwhelming.

So here's to keeping all of our dreams alive!
I am a lucky girl.
Love Nora xxx

Monday, 23 January 2012


A few days ago my dear old Dad became another year older.
It is from he that I have inhereted my love of our feathered friends.
When I was young he had magnifcent 1970's full on ginger beard.
So I did a bit of head scratching, but not much as the result was a given really.
I delved deep in to the fabric stash and came up empty handed.
How can this be?
I was perplexed, I was upset, my stash had let me down.
But then I remembered Joan.
I remembered all the bits of her stash I had put aside to giveaway, and I knew what I needed to do.
I came up with this pile.

Serves me right for wanting to down size my collection!
After fiddling and faddling about for a while this beauty emerged.

I must admit I enjoyed the hand stitching and embroidery more than I thought.
Usually when I embroider I do it on the machine, but doing it by hand made me feel more connected with the whole process.

I took the image from here.
Happy Birthday Dad.
Love Nora xxx

Thursday, 12 January 2012

New John Carter Trailer introduced by Andrew Stanton | Official Disney 2...

I took the ginger one and his friend Emily to the cinema the other day.
We were all very excited to see the trailer for the upcoming Disney spectacular
"John Carter"
If you watch very carefully at about 2.09 mins in you will see the
golden bridesmaids costumes I made.
The are only there for a moment so don't blink!
Hopefully there will be more of them in the film!
It is out in the UK at the beginning of March.
We are all very excited!

Love Nora xxx

Monday, 9 January 2012

The kind of one that would never come real?
The kind of one you hear vague urban myths about and think "oh if only"?
Well guess what Ladies and Gentlemen, Cats and Dogs, dreams now matter how idle
no matter how vague and unformed

But really this is the very end of the story and I guess social convention dictates we start at the beginning.
Oh hold my hand we are going a long way back now and I don't want you to get lost.
Trust me there is some murky stuff back there,
The 1970's weren't always the glorious Technicolor party we now like to remember them as.
There was bad food, mental clothes, warm milk at school and pipes, no Dad worth his salt went on a family walk with out his pipe, oh and a whole heap of cigarette smoke.
So much smoke, so so much smoke.
Right are you holding on tight?
Then lets go back to September 1974.
A little red headed girl with green ribbons woven in to her plats and scabby knees
set off on a BIG adventure.
And when she got there she found another little girl with dark hair and scabby knees
(there were a lot of scabby knees in those days).
The two little girls were only separated by one letter.
And so on the first day of term at their first school Jane and Janet skipped round the playground hand in hand comparing scabs and trading stories of horrible brothers.
Though I must admit Janet nearly always won on both these counts
as she had OLDER brothers.
And they as we know are a dangerous and unpredictable beastie.
Janet's house was a wonder to me, always loud and fun.
It had a shed with a carpet and curtains at the windows that housed her Dad's remote controlled aeroplanes.
It had apples trees in the garden which we spent hours climbing.
There were teapots in the kitchen in the shape of country cottages and always that air of chaos that having 3 children in a small house with two working parents brings.
I loved it and I loved Janet.
But then we moved and though we tried hard after a few years and moving on up to big school we drifted apart.
But before we moved I remember a jacket of much toe curling jealousy inducing wonder and splenderment.
Hand knitted by Janet's Nan and covered in the most amazing bobbles.
Janet swanked round the neighbourhood in it and I trailed along in a cloud of green envy.
Probably a good job we moved because I may well have stolen it, such was my longing for a knitted bobble jacket of glory.
Time passed all contact was lost, it was one of those things, it happens.
But then through the glory of facebook after about 20 years contact was made.
Now it must be said not much has changed, in eight years we have only managed to meet up a couple of times.
But its good to keep up and have those weird non conversation conversations that facebook occasionally throws at you.
And its is time to have our annual lets meet up at half term spate of messages.
Who knows may be this year we will actually get round to doing it.
Here's hoping.
Now you may think I have just wandered too far from the point and am now just rambling.
You are probably right.
But look here are the tracks and we are going to jump back on them.
I have a day dream, I can bet its the kind of daydream that many of you out there have too.
The one when some one gets in contact and says the following beautiful words
" An aged relative of mine who was an avid stitcher and crafter, not to mention most importantly hoarder has sadly passed away and I need to sort out her stuff could you help?"
I never really believed this could possibly happen to little old me.
again through the glory of fb Janet's Mum Bev contacted me with the sad news that Joan the afore mentioned bobble jacket knitting Nan had passed away and could I help her sort out all the crafting stash. Oh and by the way there is rather a lot of it.
Let me tell you Joan was a wonder.
Nothing and I think I really do mean nothing that could have been put to a use was thrown away, but it wasn't a mess of old bits of knicker elastic.
Oh no.
All things neatly folded, wound on to cards or stashed in boxes.

I had such fun and came away with a car load of the most amazing stuff.
A box of old children's boot buttons.

I am still trying to sort through every thing, but this is a small selection of some of it.
A box full of colour coordinated hexies all tacked and ready to go!

No pics of the fabrics yet, or the amazing scrapbooks I'll show them soon.
There is just so much stuff I really can't use it all my self so in the next week or so when I have finished the sorting and photographing I am going to add it all to the stash for the scrap heap challenge and carry on giving it all away.
I solemnly promise you will be the first to know when I've got my act together.
In the mean time, thank you Joan, thank you Bev and thank you Janet.
Dreams do come true!!
Love Nora xxxx

Sunday, 1 January 2012


Let the good times roll out before us like a deep thick shag pile carpet
that absorbs the spills,
doesn't show the dirt,
is always warm underfoot
and softens the bumps when we fall over.

And trust me after last night I really need one of them!

This fantastic calendar was sent to me by Nicola Killeen Textiles early on in December.
I have wanted to show it to you ever since.
Each month is a sample one of their dye processes.
If I were to be really organised I could photograph all 12 months and pre prepare a post for the beginning of every month.
That is a really big IF though.
Would I ever be that consistent/ persistent?
Keeping up an idea for a whole 12 months, with no sudden about turns or about faces.
Who knows. I make no promises.
I don't really believe in new years resolutions,
I always let my self down.
But the Bombshell was given this book by his Nana

and we think it would be fun to try and do as much of it as possible this year.
Hope you are all recovering from the festivities.
See you in a day or two.
Love Nora xxx