I found this meme over at Punky and me.
And I thought why not.
I can show off some more of my new crochet skills at the same time!
They are just a very large version of the monsters really,
I kept increasing until its seemed big enough and then went on spiralling up.

Then I tried one with a wibbly edge

And then I tried stripes.

Next week I will have some VERY interesting news for you all.
But in the mean time I've found a pattern for crochet fishies to try out.
Love Nora xxx


  1. wow, the green one is amazing, well done. x

  2. a) Why not indeed.
    b) I love "wibbly".

    c) Thanks so much for joining in this week!

  3. Wonderful crochet baskets. Definitely like the green one best!

  4. Wow you've definitely cracked it, thank goodness for You Tube!

  5. You have lovely crochet baskets :)i like the orange and green one :)

  6. Hip hip hooray for a crochet basket or 5! you have really got it now don't you? As the lovely Miss B has just thrown a gasket, or some other important part of her innards (oh please let her be fixable!) I have no machine at the moment. I'd best go through the yarn and pick up a hook if there's any making to be done!

  7. I'm sure 'wibbly edge' is an official technical term. It has that sort of ring to it. Meanwhile, tres impressed with the crocheted creation of CREATURES as well as things that real-life FUNCTION!

  8. very exciting news?????? could you be crocheting a basket with a wibbly edge for the Queens fruit that will be placed on her Jubilee buffet table????
    great baskets by the way!

  9. Love your crochet baskets! I wish I could crochet that
    Following from MPAY

  10. love the first one, the green is so pretty


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