Casting our minds backwards some of us may remember that I recently proved that idle day dreams as not a waste of time and they can come true.
I am of course referring to Joan and her amazing fabric stash.
But let me tell you a secret, thats not the only idle day dream I have had.
Oh no.

I also have one where I stumble upon an amazing but virtually unknown shop full of beautiful vintage haberdashery (did I ever mention my haberdashery obsession?)
that is having an every thing must go sale.
The kind of sale that leaves you breathless and dizzy.
Well the shop wasn't quite unknown, not to me, and not to you, as I do believe I have mentioned Wayward and the lovely Betty on more than one occasion.
But I was not prepared for the fact it was closing down and really and truly
every thing had to go.
Thank fully I was in St Leonards on Sea at the right time.

And doubly thankfully even though they were closing down,
they are reopening a few doors up the road soon.
The prices were insane, I don't think any thing I bought cost more that £2 an item.
And by item I mean each of the boxes of buttons above were £2,
and the huge bundles of ribbon £1.

It was like living in a dream, an idle day dream even!

I came away with bags full of booty, I probably could have bought so much more, but to be honest it was all a little overwhelming.

So here's to keeping all of our dreams alive!
I am a lucky girl.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Hello Nora:
    What an amazing selection of goodies you came away with. The ribbons look very pretty indeed and we particularly like the spotty one, such fun!

    It is a lifetime ago that we were in St Leonard's on Sea but as fate would have it we shall be in Hastings, just a skip and a jump down the road, on Saturday. We shall see if we can spot the haberdashery store.

  2. I'm having palpitations, this post should come with a warning.

  3. Oh!

    ( That's all I can manage, I'm speechless with envy )


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