I've discovered some where new!
How exciting, finds like this don't happen all that often.
Well not to me anyway.
Its a shop on Norman Rd in St Leonards on sea.
Its only open on a Saturday.
So wasn't I lucky that we went for a weekend staying with
Well really I was only going to check out her lovely new beach hut.

Any way I digress.
Wayward is an amazing place full to the ceiling with stuff.
Fabrics, trims, buttons, threads, tapes, ribbons and all of it vintage.
All served up by the beautiful Betty.

Check it all out.

It did feel like being the kid in the proverbial sweet shop.
We really didn't know what to look at next.
I was very restrained and only bought a little bit of lace.
I'm now saving all my birthday money and am back off there in a few weeks for
a child free weekend
to spend spend spend.
Ooh the anticipation of it all!
Much love Nora xxx


  1. Fab place and loving Betty's dress x

  2. Looks a great place - I love those pink storage boxes behind Betty! Betty reminds me a little of Mrs Slocombe from Are You Being Served :)

    Enjoy spending your birthday money!

  3. oh please can I come with you next time? I promise to be good....

  4. One of my best friends lives in St. Leonard's, I will let her know about this amazing shop! Fay X

  5. Cor - best plan a trip down there, with oodles of cash.

  6. Oh wow - It looks fabulous! Love the photos :) Kx

  7. Egads! Looks like a stellar shop and I love her hair!

  8. Oooh Betty! I love the name Betty, have you seen Kung Pow where the evil crime lord is called Betty, excellent fun?
    Looks like the sort of shop it's worth saving hard for x

  9. I followed you home from Karen's... have enjoyed rooting around, particularly among the tits. Looks like you have a lot of fun over here :-)


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