Come on everybody lets go to the beach!
Lets go rock pooling!
Rock pooling is one of our favourite family activities,
so its little wonder that I chose it as the theme for the latest
Flaming Nora story telling adventure.
Do you know this book?

"Splash!" by Henrietta Branford and Rosalind Beardshaw.
Who knows where it came from, or who gave it to us.
I certainly never bought it.
But it has been a firm favourite in our house since the Ginger one was young.
The wonderfully illustrated story of a little girls adventures
on the beach, in the sea, in a rock pool.

Its been quite a while since I last hosted a story telling and craft morning
plus its now wet and gloomy
it seemed a trip to the beach was in order.
The children made blow fish.

I found the template for them on Made By Joel's web site.
Have you discovered Joel yet?
If you have young kids he is a must.
A site packed full for clever and interesting crafts for kids, most of which seem to work perfectly for pre school as well as school age
(delete as your mood dictates) darlings/ monsters.
Jonah was doing "neat"

Jessie did colourful

Jonah became a shark

As did M'pilika

The boys drew up a storm

While Jonah was still neat.

M'pilika blew and the fish whizzed along the line.

We had a huge school of fish

and Jonah finally finished his neat.

And so to the story telling.
The bombshell came prepared for all eventualities

We applied our suncream, brushed the sand from our hair and between our toes
and we JUMPED in to the water
the icy spicy water
the shivery shakey water
from the deep blue sea.

And the children had a right soaking.

before settling down on their beach towels for star fish snacks

For more pictures of the morning follow the link to flickr on the right.
Do you have any favourite children's books or craft?
I would love to know what they are.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Well it must just be true about great minds....etc. etc...
    What a wonderful time you all had at the seaside, hope you managed an ice-cream too. Looks like these events are great fun, wish I was 3 again.
    But I've not heard of that book, will go hunting for it in the library, and I'll add you to my post! Yay for loving and sharing books!

  2. Of course right now we're loving The Incredible Book Eating Boy by Oliver Jeffers. And we've recently discovered Man on the Moon (A Day in the Life of Bob) by Simon Bartram - seems to capture all of our imaginations.

  3. Looks like the little'uns had a ball! Theme parties are fab aren't they. Love the blow fish. : D

  4. My little man loved all the Simon Bartram books esp Bob, the Man on the Moon. Also loved a book called Munch (can't remember the author). Still loves the Incredible Book Eating Boy. Currently reading an original Famous Five ... "oooh Fanny that was naughty", said Dick. I've had to stop myself from giggling a few times!!

  5. looks like so much fun!! my sons favourite book was called 'little zoo'' with fold out doors and windows and all manner of things hiding. we still have it and he is 24.

  6. We home-school and love books. We had a book party at our house last year with a few other HS families to celebrate Australian book week and will do it again this year. We are currently reading through the Narnia series plus what every else we drag home from the library each week.


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