Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Oh blimey its been a while hasn't it. 
So long I began to feel I may never be able to muster the energy to come back.
Its not as if I have been slacking off.
Just sometimes if you don't do something for too long its hard to get back in the saddle.
So I sat down, necked a couple of beers and got on with it!
The last few weeks have been very demanding.
I thought I would show you some pretty pictures of what I have been up to.
Lots of costumes for "The Broken Heart" at the Globe.
There were many more of them than these.


7 to be precise,  but by the time I staggered through to the delivery the ability and the will to take photos had mainly left me.


They were great fun to make, but the deadline was fairly scant and then there was half term thrown in to the mix bang in the middle of it all.
But hey ho, we all lived to meet another deadline.
And by We I mean myself and the glamorous assistants. Mainly my lovely friend Clare, but also a couple of my fabby students too, they all kept me sane and gave the right kinds of encouragement when I got overwhelmed, overstressed, overwrought, overemotional. 
Clare and I have known each other since almost the beginning of time and I guess she is just used to me and my funny old ways now!
Love Nora xxx

Sunday, 1 March 2015


This last has week it has been all about boobs, breasts, jugs, tits, what ever you want to call them.
Inspired by reading this article about a group of women in the Outer Hebrides knitting boobs like they are going out of fashion, I did some further reading as to why they are partaking in this strange activity.

The woolly boobs are used by midwives as a teaching aide for new mothers learning about breast feeding. Now I have a wonderful friend who decided that three kids, a lack of money and a husband that works away in Switzerland a lot was not going to stop here from pursuing her dream of becoming a midwife. I'm really not actually sure how she does it, the idea of returning to college now fills me with terror. Never mind studying something that means you don't necessarily get the school holidays off and have to work night shifts.
I asked her if she fancied a knitted tit and funnily enough she said yes.

So there it is a knitted tit.
Doing this has also rekindled my love of knitting which is a bonus.
I used this pattern if anyone else out there knows a midwife in need and fancies making one.
Love Nora xxx