Oh blimey its been a while hasn't it. 
So long I began to feel I may never be able to muster the energy to come back.
Its not as if I have been slacking off.
Just sometimes if you don't do something for too long its hard to get back in the saddle.
So I sat down, necked a couple of beers and got on with it!
The last few weeks have been very demanding.
I thought I would show you some pretty pictures of what I have been up to.
Lots of costumes for "The Broken Heart" at the Globe.
There were many more of them than these.


7 to be precise,  but by the time I staggered through to the delivery the ability and the will to take photos had mainly left me.


They were great fun to make, but the deadline was fairly scant and then there was half term thrown in to the mix bang in the middle of it all.
But hey ho, we all lived to meet another deadline.
And by We I mean myself and the glamorous assistants. Mainly my lovely friend Clare, but also a couple of my fabby students too, they all kept me sane and gave the right kinds of encouragement when I got overwhelmed, overstressed, overwrought, overemotional. 
Clare and I have known each other since almost the beginning of time and I guess she is just used to me and my funny old ways now!
Love Nora xxx


  1. A glamorous assistant is a gift from above. I know this to be true. Nice to see you here again!

  2. How lucky to have someone to work with that is on your wavelength. These costumes are fantastic. The shape of the brown bodice dress, Wow, and the energy of the blue. Love them both very much. Xx

  3. Just found you through Peter's MPB blog. Love your sense of humour! "but hey ho we all lived to meet another deadline"....totally using that at my next meeting!

  4. What a lovely update! You have been busy!

  5. Great to see you back again - and so worth waiting for. That top dress is just wonderful with its wavy layered hem ... and the richness of the second dress - wow!

  6. Beuatiful dresses and good to have you back. x

  7. The two dresses that you've show us are so very I wish that I lived close enough to The Globe to actually see a performance of The Broken Heart. Perhaps I will be able to see some press photographs eventually?

    Meanwhile, do take a bow with the rest of your creative team. Bravo! xo

  8. Beautiful costumes...I'm beginning to think I'd quite like a glamorous assistant. Even a dowdy one would be gratefully accepted!

  9. Good to have you back here ;-) !
    Ever thought about making dresses for commercial purposes ?? I think they would sell like crazy... That first dress. Oh my. Just perfect...

  10. your your costumes are stunning.
    So wish I could be your assistant too x

  11. Hello there! Thank you for popping by and your comment. Oh I do love these costumes, and the snippets of them that you showed on IG. Yes, it can be hard to get back to blogging after a long break, can't it. But I am trying very hard to befriend my blog again ;-) As much as I love IG, there is nothing quite like the storytelling that blogging offers, is there? Hope you and your family are well xx


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