Thursday, 31 May 2012


Some time ago I was heard to be muttering about morning routines and the fact that my life is so shambolic is because I don't have one.
Well I do have one, but as I'm not really a morning person is generally involves being grumpy, producing un-nourishing and sugar filled breakfasts from packets and shouting at the children.
Then I read this.
I realised all the problems in my life could be solved if I just stood back for 5 minutes every day and allowed my self time for a morning ritual.
The boiling of the kettle, the warming of the pot, the scooping in of the tea leaves, the waiting a few minutes and then the delicious wafting aroma of a fresh pot of tea.
The few moments of calm in which to centre my self and greet the day with a smile and sunny disposition.
With in a maximum of half an hour this whole concept had left my brain,  replaced by un hoovered floors and a never decreasing mound of dirty washing .
However someone was listening, a small miracle in its self and this morning it being a special morning.
Not a mile stone morning, thankfully we have a few more years till one of those, I and many of my friends are still recovering 3 years on from the 10 days of partying that went on at the last one of those.
But a special morning none the less.
I was presented with this.


To match the special mug my Mother In Law gave me at Christmas.

So now I too can have a morning ritual.
I think all of the family are hoping it will work,
 so Lola there is a lot riding on this one!
Because lets face it this isn't the first mad thing I've got involved in because of something you have informed me about!!
Do you like the card?
I love it, some days I feel I may already be at that point in life.
Have a happy day every one.
Love Nora xxx

p.s.: the quote at the top is from another card I received this morning, its all coming together here y'know. Its as if I planned it!
pp.s. : I know the tea looks like dishwater, but I'm not a builders kind of gal. I do like a cup of Earl Grey.
So don't be disappointed in me, we all have our peculiarities, and I probably have more than most.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

To top the way we chose last weekends winner was going to be hard.
I gave it some thought, 
the boys gave it some thought, 
the Hippy looked at me as though he thought I was insane.
Two giveaways in as many weeks, I mean come on.
I guess he has a point.

The only thing to do was rope in a celebrity.
Do you know Rey?
Rey Mysterio the legendary WWE Mexican style wrestler.
You don't?
Well you should.
We must all be very grateful that such an esteemed and fully masked up celeb could make it to south London at such short notice.
Here he is chilling out and mentally preparing himself and getting used to wearing his cunningly fashioned tailor made specialist head gear before the big event.

And here he is psyching him self up for the plunge.

With a little help from the Bombshell, himself a wrestler in training, Rey took the death defying leap.

And the winner is.....

Well done Victoria.
 My self, Rey and the boys all 
congratulate you on your spectacular win!
I was amazed at how many of you joined in and I would like to thank you all.
I wish I could have given you all something, but sadly that is just not possible.
I have had a lot of fun checking out who you all are, and I must say you are a talented old bunch.
If you want to keep up with what we are up to here you can like Flaming Nora on Facebook.
Love Nora xxxx

Saturday, 26 May 2012

26th MAY 1912

100 years ago today a baby girl was born in Bolton.
The daughter of an Irish Tailor and a local lass, the manageress of the tripe shop.

Eventually this bonny wee girl would become the big sister to a long line of siblings the second youngest of whom, Patricia would eventually become the Mother of a Kaftan wearing Hippy, who would eventually become the Grandmother of two boys with horrific south London accents who generally wear her daughter, often known as Nora, sometimes known as Jane to a frazzle.
Auntie Thora and Uncle Jimmy married late in life after the war and never had children of their own, but they had us.
And more importantly we had them.

Two of the most wonderful and generous people with the largest hearts.
We spent every holiday with them when we were growing up.

I can remember Mum saving coupons from the back of cereal packets when we were young so we could get cheap rail tickets to Manchester where we would be met by Auntie Thora and bundled on to the local train home.
We would leave the suitcases at the butchers and walk up through the field to the little white cottage up on high at the top of the village.
I'm not really sure why we left the suitcases at the butchers, except they were too heavy to carry all that way. Though I suspect its because with out my Aunt's patronage the Butcher would not have had a fancy foreign holiday every year.
Lets just say we ate a lot of meat when we stayed there.
The first time I took the Hippy to visit we arrived later that expected at 2.30 to a cold roast beef lunch, then at 5.30 we were served roast Lamb for our dinner.
This was a huge concession to the fact we had arrived late as dinner was always at 5 pm!
I'm not sure the Hippy ever recovered. 
One morning he had to send me down to breakfast with out him to explain that no really he didn't want another huge cooked breakfast, really a cup of tea would be enough.
Auntie Thora's reply to that was "Humf, I bet if I asked him he would eat it!"

The amount you loved her was in direct proportion to the amount of her food you ate.
Every part of my life is filled with memories of Thora and Jimmy.
I think of them every day.
Even though they are both long gone now I always think of this as a very special family day.
Love Nora xx

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Well I enjoyed the last giveaway so much that I thought I would have another one!
So many good reasons to do it,
so I thought to hell with it why not?
This time to celebrate the launch of a new sewing kit.
The old ones an be found here.

Every thing you need to make two gorgeous rose brooches in one sturdy brown paper bag.

The larger rose is made from a dark red silk with dark green taffeta leaves.

The smaller rose is made from a red and white gingham with dark green and white polkadot leaves.

There are detailed instructions, fabrics, pins, needles, backing felt, threads and brooch clasps in the bag.

I have decided late as ever! to link up with the 
Sew Mama Sew big summer giveaway for this one.
All you have to do is leave me a message telling me your favourite flower.
(Mine's a peony by the way)
Please make sure I can contact you, if yours is a no reply blogger account and you don't leave another way to contact you then I won't be able to email you if you win!!
This giveaway is open to every one and I am happy to post any where.
I will find an amusing and inventive way to pick the winner on Sunday evening.
So good luck people.
Love Nora xxxx


Sunday, 20 May 2012


Opps sorry, this post is 24 hours late.
I could give you endless plausible excuses, but really I'm just disorganised.

So here I am all ready to pull a name from the hat in the big old jubilee brooch giveaway and 
yea gads, no hat!!!
So the Coffee pot of destiny was called up to the line.

Then as I was rallying the troops for the name pulling from the pot moment the Hippy intervened.
"Why don't we lob them off the top of the scaffolding?"
Lots of jumping up and down with excitement from the rest of the family.
So breaking every health and safety rule ever invented we sent a nine yr old up the big ladder.

The slightly damp post bath pre bed Bombshell stood ready to spot the first name to hit the deck.
The names fluttered down around us, the boys cheered from on high.

And the winner is..........

Well done Lu.
Just need your address my dear and I'll dispatch your winnings asap.
Well that was fun.
And the other bird?
Well I just wanted to show you the finished roof. 
Not sure if it looks that different from this angle, but let me tell you the boy done good.
Day one, the Hippy took the tiles off the roof on his own.
Day two, the Hippy and the ex male stripper/ bingo caller removed the wooden roof frame, then made and erected a new one.
Day three The tilers arrived, stared at 8 am by having to cut 2" off the height of the end wall of the house, were finished by 12.30 and on their way home. While the Hippy spent the morning making fry ups and tea and the afternoon reattaching guttering and clearing a path from the back door to the shed so I could get to work on Monday.
And that ladies and gentlemen is that.
We are watertight, warm and not living in constant fear of the roof falling off .
Love Nora xxxx

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Hello all I am here today not as Nora but as my
 alter ego's alter ego.
Ninja One.

The Ninja Knitters are active again.
This time they are all fired up.
They are working on a large out door public 
yarn bombed instillation.
You may remember the occasional glimpse of mine own campfire scene here and here.
Sadly progress is slow, but soon my friends, soon....
But here are some little sneaky peeks of what some of the other Ninjas have been up to.
Ninja H is cozy by her fireside.

One of the two Ninja Two's Phoenix is rising.

Are you a yarn crazed loon who likes a challenge?
If so would you like to join in?
Our piece will be up over the weekend of 7th and 8th July as part of a South London arts festival.
So there isn't masses of time, but may be there will just be enough....
I thank you for your time, 
I thank Nora for allowing me to inhabit part of her brain and we both thank Jane for inventing us.
Over and out 
Ninja One.

PS: Old Nora wants me to mention 
1. She is linking up with Creative Spaces 
over in its new home, 
if I bored you go over there and find some one more interesting to check out. 
I'm sure there are stacks of them!

2. Don't forget to join in her giveaway
just a couple of days to go.
Go on you know you want to!

Friday, 11 May 2012

Today the sun is shinning.
I hadn't realised how depressed every one was feeling with this constant and never ending rain we have been having, until the children were running about in the park and I was sitting on a bench with some friends chatting and putting the world to rights and the sun was shining and we were all smiling and feeling happy.

I came home and the roof had gone.

Gone I tell you gone!
The Hippy was working away doing what he does best.
He promises me it will all be finished by when we return on Sunday evening.

Because obviously folks I am not going to be sticking around here keeping two adventurous boys from 
playing with the power tools, 
climbing the scaffolding and generally trying to "help".
No we are off to visit cousins various and no doubt have wonderful adventures out of London.
Just a reminder that if you want to enter the giveaway you can do so here.
Have a fab weekend kiddies.
Enjoy the sun. 
May it shine plentifully upon your heads 
(unless like my old Dad your head is bald)
 and make you all in to happy bunnies.
Love Nora xxxxx

Thursday, 10 May 2012

So I said I would be back today, and to tell you the truth I am shocked that I have made it back on time.
It would appear that most days right now are one of those days.
The ones when there aren't enough hours in the day and you are always running to catch up.
 Yesterday I showed you some of these as a work in progress

And as I said yesterday I have a present to give away.
You are all so Fab.
You were all so lovely when my nephew was so ill.
Every one is fed up with the 
never ending constant days of rain.
I know we need it, 
but that doesn't make it any less depressing.
Any way soon it will be another bank holiday weekend. 
But this time a double bubble bank holiday weekend.
I'm not a massive royalist, but I do have the most amazing memories of the Silver Jubilee.
So it seemed right to give this brooch away.

All you need to do is leave a comment at the end of this post with a way for me to get back to you if you are lucky enough to be the one.
I will get the Ginger Ninja to draw a name from the hat next Saturday.
Thats 19th May.
If you like this brooch there are lots more here.
Well there are some here 
and as soon as the rain lets up enough to take some decent pictures there will be more!
Lots of Love Nora xxxx

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Every week I have to take a train journey to my teaching job down on the south coast.
Every week I have an hour and a half there and an hour and a half back.
Every week I take a little project along with me to keep me occupied.

Three hours to my self is a beautiful luxury.
I read my book, I drink my tea and usually I do a little light crochet.
But this week I was finishing off these brooches.

Some are an order for a friends shop.
Some destined for my little shop.
And one is going to be a present.
A thank you present.
But for whom? I hear you cry.
And what did they do to deserve such a beauty?
Well the answer to that my friends is simple.
It will be for one of you.
And why, well I was so touched by how you are all such a wonderful, caring and supportive lot, and were not lacking when I was having a few thankfully now mostly passed traumas a few weeks ago.
I will be back tomorrow with all the details of how you can join in.
This week I am joining up with creative spaces in its new home.
Check out what every one else has been up to here.
Love Nora xxx

Saturday, 5 May 2012

I'm so proud of my boys.
No not those boys, my stitching boys.

Sadly one of my own boys has been temporarily expelled from sewing school for not listening to the teacher or doing as he was told on top of the heinous crime of inciting others to riot and misbehaviour.
I guess there are somethings a mother can't teach you!
And the other one, well he is as yet too young, but I suspect may take after his brother in these things.
Any way back to my boys of the stitching variety.

There are so many of them now,
 about a third in every class.
Last Saturday we were making felt cuffs,

as inspired by my lovely friend Lola.
She explains all about them so much better than I here.
We had quite a few newbies at this class,

 though many of the regulars were there too,

and a significant proportion of them were of the 
male variety.
Lots of them were really quite young, 
reception class young 5yrs. 

Though we did have two who are  still only 4.

The little ones seem to love it, they need a lot of help and I ask that an adult stays with them. Sometimes they don't last the whole hour and a half but a surprising amount of them do.
One boy, Charlie, was booked in by his mum to come with his twin sister. His Dad told me afterwards he really did not want to come. "Sewing is for Girls!'
He left with a big grin on his face proudly showing his creation to every one.
On Monday morning he bounded up to me in the playground at school to say thank you for the sewing class.
I also heard whisper of boys refusing to take their wrist bands off and even wearing them to bed.
So as I say I'm very very proud of my boys.
My mission is to make sure there isn't a boy in Streatham who can't sew on his own buttons and take up his own trousers.
I suspect I am failing with my own two, but you can't win em all.
And just in case you thought I had forgotten the other 2/3 of the classes.
Lets hear it for the girls...

Oh and while I'm about it lets hear it for Shane and the crew at The Railway for providing such an amazing venue.
If you are in SW16 come in and check them out. 
The food is amazing.
Happy bank holiday weekend people.
Love Nora xxxx