Some time ago I was heard to be muttering about morning routines and the fact that my life is so shambolic is because I don't have one.
Well I do have one, but as I'm not really a morning person is generally involves being grumpy, producing un-nourishing and sugar filled breakfasts from packets and shouting at the children.
Then I read this.
I realised all the problems in my life could be solved if I just stood back for 5 minutes every day and allowed my self time for a morning ritual.
The boiling of the kettle, the warming of the pot, the scooping in of the tea leaves, the waiting a few minutes and then the delicious wafting aroma of a fresh pot of tea.
The few moments of calm in which to centre my self and greet the day with a smile and sunny disposition.
With in a maximum of half an hour this whole concept had left my brain,  replaced by un hoovered floors and a never decreasing mound of dirty washing .
However someone was listening, a small miracle in its self and this morning it being a special morning.
Not a mile stone morning, thankfully we have a few more years till one of those, I and many of my friends are still recovering 3 years on from the 10 days of partying that went on at the last one of those.
But a special morning none the less.
I was presented with this.


To match the special mug my Mother In Law gave me at Christmas.

So now I too can have a morning ritual.
I think all of the family are hoping it will work,
 so Lola there is a lot riding on this one!
Because lets face it this isn't the first mad thing I've got involved in because of something you have informed me about!!
Do you like the card?
I love it, some days I feel I may already be at that point in life.
Have a happy day every one.
Love Nora xxx

p.s.: the quote at the top is from another card I received this morning, its all coming together here y'know. Its as if I planned it!
pp.s. : I know the tea looks like dishwater, but I'm not a builders kind of gal. I do like a cup of Earl Grey.
So don't be disappointed in me, we all have our peculiarities, and I probably have more than most.


  1. Hi Nora, I had fun reading your post. And the quote - oh - my goodness - it is like that in life. We visited a 100 years old lady two days ago. It is just like that.

  2. So that's where I go wrong. I don't drink tea, or coffee for that matter. Breakfast this morning ... glass of water and half an easter egg ... don't ask! M x

  3. Hope you're enjoying your special day. Tea fixes everything. I'm sure.

    Desperately jealous of your teapot and mug. x

  4. Oh hang on! Really, too much pressure and I swear it isn't my fault...er um...whatever happens. And I've a confession, there are some mornings (especially lately with the lack of sleep) where no ritual on earth can save me from myself and the grump storm that rains down. Still, without the morning ritual, it might be a lot worse.

    There are days when it is the best thing though! I love your mug and pot, perfect! Enjoy my friend, breathe deep!

    Oh and happy, fantastic, spectacular, stupendous, glorious, groovy birthday! and may it continue on through the weekend followed by a delicious year!

    P.S. I did say it wasn't my fault, right?

  5. A very Happy Birthday to you! - A cup of tea can make all things right again, I just made a pot...I need extra help. Your sweet pot and mug will put a smile on your face everyday. xo

  6. We have reached perfect equilibrium in my household. Everyone (even the stick insects) 'gets' that I will be grumpy for an hour after surfacing every morning. Everyone does their very best to pussy foot around me and the bloke makes tea. In a pot. That helps. The rest of the day I put in a decent effort at being generally amazing but currently the morning grump ritual is working well (for me).


  7. I'm an Earl Grey girl too. But my morning drink is coffee. Tea is for apres-midi. And I need an hour of solitude before I can be kind and friendly and polite. So I tend to get up way before hubby. He wakes up and is all go-go-go-happy and tra-la-la...and expects me to laugh at his jokes.

    Love the card - that's a lot how conversations go between hubby and I - I swear his constant watching too loud TV has damaged his hearing. That, and my South African accent - which is a source of mirth and confusion.

  8. My Hubby makes me a cup of earl grey every morning and it's the best cuppa of the day!


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