Today the sun is shinning.
I hadn't realised how depressed every one was feeling with this constant and never ending rain we have been having, until the children were running about in the park and I was sitting on a bench with some friends chatting and putting the world to rights and the sun was shining and we were all smiling and feeling happy.

I came home and the roof had gone.

Gone I tell you gone!
The Hippy was working away doing what he does best.
He promises me it will all be finished by when we return on Sunday evening.

Because obviously folks I am not going to be sticking around here keeping two adventurous boys from 
playing with the power tools, 
climbing the scaffolding and generally trying to "help".
No we are off to visit cousins various and no doubt have wonderful adventures out of London.
Just a reminder that if you want to enter the giveaway you can do so here.
Have a fab weekend kiddies.
Enjoy the sun. 
May it shine plentifully upon your heads 
(unless like my old Dad your head is bald)
 and make you all in to happy bunnies.
Love Nora xxxxx


  1. OMG no roof???
    Have a great weekend! Let's hope for some sunshine! We're off to Liverpool to collect our middle son from uni!!

  2. I hope the sun is shining for you too! xx

  3. I wish you a good, tight roof, dear Nora.

  4. Glad you're getting some good weather! My fingers are crossed for your roof ;) Kx

  5. Is it back on??? I have my doubting hat on....

  6. well? Is it back? houses eh...always something to do. I got a new carpet, easy you would think. I need a man to sort the doors out because I can't shut them!!


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