Every week I have to take a train journey to my teaching job down on the south coast.
Every week I have an hour and a half there and an hour and a half back.
Every week I take a little project along with me to keep me occupied.

Three hours to my self is a beautiful luxury.
I read my book, I drink my tea and usually I do a little light crochet.
But this week I was finishing off these brooches.

Some are an order for a friends shop.
Some destined for my little shop.
And one is going to be a present.
A thank you present.
But for whom? I hear you cry.
And what did they do to deserve such a beauty?
Well the answer to that my friends is simple.
It will be for one of you.
And why, well I was so touched by how you are all such a wonderful, caring and supportive lot, and were not lacking when I was having a few thankfully now mostly passed traumas a few weeks ago.
I will be back tomorrow with all the details of how you can join in.
This week I am joining up with creative spaces in its new home.
Check out what every one else has been up to here.
Love Nora xxx


  1. What a great way to spend the commute! I couldn't imagine having to sit that long to travel to work all the time! Nice little box of treasures!

  2. 3 blissful hours.... glad you are having fun in that precious time. I spy a stamp - gorgeous!

  3. I love using up time travelling to do a spot of portable crafting! looks like a wonderful way to while away the time spent on the train xx

  4. What a gorgeous flask!!
    The thing I miss most about not going back to work is the commute. I had an hour each day and although it was sometimes stressful it was time I could read or listen to music I liked!!

  5. I am having trouble believing there is a train anywhere in this country without masses of people standing yet you manage to take a workshop with you...spread out, relax and stitch!!


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