Hello all I am here today not as Nora but as my
 alter ego's alter ego.
Ninja One.

The Ninja Knitters are active again.
This time they are all fired up.
They are working on a large out door public 
yarn bombed instillation.
You may remember the occasional glimpse of mine own campfire scene here and here.
Sadly progress is slow, but soon my friends, soon....
But here are some little sneaky peeks of what some of the other Ninjas have been up to.
Ninja H is cozy by her fireside.

One of the two Ninja Two's Phoenix is rising.

Are you a yarn crazed loon who likes a challenge?
If so would you like to join in?
Our piece will be up over the weekend of 7th and 8th July as part of a South London arts festival.
So there isn't masses of time, but may be there will just be enough....
I thank you for your time, 
I thank Nora for allowing me to inhabit part of her brain and we both thank Jane for inventing us.
Over and out 
Ninja One.

PS: Old Nora wants me to mention 
1. She is linking up with Creative Spaces 
over in its new home, 
if I bored you go over there and find some one more interesting to check out. 
I'm sure there are stacks of them!

2. Don't forget to join in her giveaway
just a couple of days to go.
Go on you know you want to!


  1. LOVE the phoenix! I wish I could knit properly - I would so join in.

  2. Oh Jane!... umm I mean Ninja One ;) I LOVE it all!
    This is so hard to do and you are such an artist.
    You've just made my day - thank you :)

  3. If I could knit I'd join in - but that all boggles my brain just looking at it! Fabulous! x


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