Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Whilst sitting waiting for a designer to come and make some essential decorative decisions this afternoon I realised I was gazing at the infinity of my world.
Reflected endlessly in front of my very eyes was the reality of my life.

Still there is some respite.
We are off to terrorise the vikings for a few days.
I will be telling tales of the northern waste lands upon my return, as well as more news on the big reveal and a possible giveaway.
Love Nora xx

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Its been all about the sock round here for the last couple of weeks.
The exciting news was that I managed to work out how to make a sock horse.
We have decided to ignore the hippy when he says its a snake with legs,
what does he know?

The camouflage makes him in to a stealth horse that can creep up on the unsuspecting and give them a shock.
The sad thing is he was supposed to be a giraffe, but his legs and neck just weren't long enough. I think I may have solved that problem, and now realise I should have used a pair of stripy children's tights.
Even more exciting was that Eric and Norman came back for a brief visit.

Great though it was great to see them again, they are a bit of a handful and I was happy when they left to go back home to Lily's house.

Last night saw the triumphant return of the sock to the Earl Ferrers,
in the form of the sock and glove zoo.

We gathered together to make sock monkeys, elephants and pigs,
(no one wanted to make a horse, can't imagine why. Who wouldn't want one? a "snake with legs" like horse with wonky look in his eye who can't be seen in certain environments?)

and rabbits and puppies out of gloves.

Continuing on a similar theme we kicked of the workshops at Bermondsey Fayre last week with an evening of sock monkey making.

There were yogic ones

Boozy ones

cheeky ones
and work in progress ones.

Last Saturday saw the first kids sewing workshop at Bermondsey Fayre, boy we've been busy.

Great fun, I love to meet new people, especially those who love to sew.

It was also the first time the ginger ninja had successfully completed one of my classes.

There is something about being taught by your mum
that just doesn't seem to work that often!
I don't know if its because he's older or because of the calming influence of

, but he came out wanting to do another class, SOON!
"SOON" isn't as good as "NOW!"
but its a huge leap forward.
It would be a very poor show if in a few years time I sent two young men out in to the world who couldn't even sew in a button.

And finally, just a little teaser for those of you who are waiting on the very very edge of your seats waiting for the big reveal I promised in my last post.

May be you can work out what its all about,
may be not.
Soon, very soon, I will be telling all.
Love Nora xx

Sunday, 10 October 2010

So today I realised that I had been rather quiet on the blogging front this last couple of weeks.
Sometimes life just seems to collide with its self and a months worth of stuff happens all at once.
That was my shed for the last week or so.

Deadlines deadlines deadlines.
There is nowt so boring as deadlines.
All this mess and chaos it does tend to lead to a messy and chaotic mind.

And then Blondie started at pre school.

Look at him in his little uniform
Don't worry it was filthy by the end of the morning.

And then we went to see some theatre in the woods.

After which we went on a quick trip to winkle island

About which I will one day tell the whole tale.
One of the two times I have been rendered speechless was when Miss Moonie Moon told it to me.
Needless to say it involves the phrase "Winkle up".
Intrigued? you should be.

And then I've run a couple of workshops over at Bermondsey Fayre.
More of these later, but for now here is a taster.

making sock monkeys.

Making Halloween decorations with the children.

I have however to save my sanity been hatching a plan.
A cunning plan
A crafty plan.
A blooming, flaming marvellous plan
And now the plan is almost about to come to fruition.
About to be a reality.
OOOOH I can not wait to show it to you all.
Just a little longer and then all will be revealed.
In the mean time to prepare for one of my favourite celebrations of the year I have been busy busy busy making these.

And these.

I do so love to do a bit of machine embroidery.
They are in my little old shop now.
What are you all up to in your workrooms?
Love Nora xx