Sunday, 28 February 2016


Warning this is a Ninja Heavy post.
Some of you who follow me on Instagram or The Ninja Knitters on Facebook may already know what we have been up to.
Yesterday morning it was cold down here on the coast.

Ninja One and T.N.T Ninja wrapped up warm (but not warm enough) and headed down the hill into Hastings Old Town.
Butler's Gap on George St to be precise.


For the past 6 months they had been crocheting quietly away, utilising evenings in front of the T.V and many many work related train journeys to dream of spring.
Some Ninja's even dyed their own yarn, apparently the shop bought stuff just didn't have the right depth and variation of colour. 
Some Ninja's, apparently, are showing off.

They were ably abetted by Ninja Dusty Box, but she was too clever to get dressed and come with us on such a frosty morning.
By the time we had finished neither fingers nor toes could be felt and the temptation to bin the last 40 odd blooms and run to a cafe to warm up was almost overwhelming.
But we are professionals.
We stuck it out.
We made sure that Spring has most defiantly arrived in our little corner of the south east.
So sit back, enjoy the ride and bask in the fact that Spring has sprung.

Love Ninja One xxx

Sunday, 21 February 2016


I have spent the winter months dreaming of Spring.

Crocheting up my own little Spring.

The Ninjas are planning to spring Spring upon us soon.

The ends of the yarn are all for the birds.

We are spending the weekend in the ancestorial flat lands of the Hippy, safe in the centre of the extended family.
The youngest member of the tribe and I spent a happy time finding special places to leave the ends of the Spring yarn. Strategically placed for birdies to swoop down and use in the nest building.

We are hoping that when the birds have built their nests there may be the odd disco themed one with a little bit of sparkle in it.

So many ends now scattered. But so many Spring blooms still waiting for leaves.

Not long to go now, watch this space Spring will be sprung soon.
Love Nora xxxx

Tuesday, 16 February 2016


Some days it feels like life is but a fiction.

Today our lives were a scarily accurate representation of this charming little book.

We went to the gallery.
We saw inspiring art.

This one is by Shozo Shimamoto.
Luckily we didn't have to have this conversation... (Yet)

We are now back home with a cup of tea calm the nerves and a spot of crochet to soothe the mind.

There is only so much high culture one can endure with a moody 12 yr old and a pair of fighting younger boys.
Love Nora xxx