Sunday, 23 September 2012

Somehow we became fascinated with the wrong side of this collar at work the other day.

The way it looks like a strange pixilated image of the motifs.

Life in the workroom carries on at a hectic pace, which is leading to somewhat sporadic blogging.
When ever I think things are calming down, they don't.
May be thats why we are distracted by things such as the reverse of a collar!
Love Nora xxx

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The last 7 days have been some what hectic.
A week ago today the bombshell started school. 

I think its going well, 
but just like his brother he will never tell me anything about what he does at school. 
Though I am taking the fact that he sat down and made a love letter for his teacher as a good sign.
Then on Sunday the Ninja Knitters went mob handed to the Lambeth Country Show 

where we spent a pleasant afternoon in large tent teaching willing and unwilling members of the general public
 how to knit and crochet, 

and for the younger ones finger knitting was a huge hit.

Then on Monday evening while the ginger one was out at Cubs, 
the bombshell and I got dressed up in our Ninja finest again and went to the unveiling of the peace scarf project. 
Part of the big little peace event that is happening round here. 
One of the other Ninjas has been heavily involved in making and organising the scarf.

We all helped out in one way or another, 
but this one really was Sally's show.
Not quite sure what people passing on the buses made of it but we had fun, 
over 100 metres of fun in fact!

Oh and it gave rise to a fantastic photo opportunity!

Ooh Err Mrs!
Love Nora xxx

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Today was a day for revisiting childhood haunts

gathering my favourite fruit in the world

Sitting under an ash tree enjoying the dappled shade

watching boys being boys

and trying to catch grasshoppers

sitting admiring how well my boots have aged

topped off with a quick bit of scrumping, or scrumbeling as the bombshell likes to call it.

After all what is a blackberry and apple pie with out the apples.
And illicit apples always taste so much better than shop ones.
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
Love Nora xxx

Friday, 14 September 2012

The Ninja Knitters have been invited to take part in the Lambeth Country Show in 
Brockwell Park this weekend.
Come and meet us in the Cultivate tent between 3 and 5 pm on Sunday.
We will be hosting a free introduction to Yarn Bombing workshop, 

where you can learn not only how to knit, but how to crochet too.

Pop in and say "Hi" we would love to meet you.
Love Ninja One
(A.K.A Nora) xxx

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Those of you who follow me on facebook will know I have been rather excited about this beautiful book. 

I'm sure you know all about it already. If you don't then where have you been?
The world of the blog has been twitching with news of its arrival.
My lovely friend, in that odd way you can end up having friends you have never met these days, Alex, aka Alexandra Smith, aka Lola Nova has published a book.
Really its rather fab.
Packed full of fantastic ideas and inspiration, beautifully photographed and designed.
The boys particularly love this play tent, apparently I am making them one very very soon.

Any way I'm not going to go on too much about how wonderful this book is as Lola herself is going to be making a guest appearance here soon.
Hopefully very soon, just as soon as I have finished devising the fiendishly difficult questions to ask her.
So far I have "What's your favourite colour?" and "Who was your first pop star crush?"
Can't you tell its going to be good, searching, groundbreaking? 
Paxman eat your heart out...
The book has a companion
Simple Crochet by Sara Sinaguglia, she of the crochet apple cozy fame from the first edition of Molly makes.
It too is really rather fab.

I love the ideas in it, this morning I made a natty trim to brighten up our shelves. 

Stupidly I forgot to take a picture of the page in the book and its way too late now.
Probably a good thing really as mine is no where as neat looking as the one in the book.
I've also started to make this gorgeous coaster

 thought it would look great on my bed side table.
The Hippy has a surprisingly low tolerance level of what he calls granny knicker old rubbish,
 so I need to find a little me place to keep it.
I doubt the shelf trim will be able to stay up long, but it will find a home eventually in my workroom.
What does he know anyway?
The patterns were easy to follow even for one such as I who has some sort of selective dyslexia that comes on when I try to read knitting and crochet patterns.
So anyway if you fancy a treat, or like me had a large balance on my amazon gift certificate begging to be spent, you can't do worse than this pair of beauties.
Love Nora xxx
P.S oh and how many days a week do you ever find your self mentioned in the same sentence as Dotty Angel herself? It sends me in to a bit of a tizzy spin just thinking about it!!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Its not been a fantastic summer for me.
Crappy weather for lots of it, working constantly, the stress of selling the house, not being able to spend any time with the boys during their holidays. Oh I could whinge on for hours.
But, it looks as though the house is sold, work is slowing down and I am able to take some time off.
Except that the Ginger one went back to school today and, big calming breath, the bombshell starts at proper big boy school next Thursday.
Eep! reception here we come. I'm being brave.
So after lots of trying to get tickets to the Olympic park and failing I  bought tickets to see the 
Paralympic cycling time trials.
A last hurrah to the summer holidays.

Spent with special friends about to leave us for a permanent return to their Kiwi origins.
And what a way to spend the last day.
It was the best day.
We screamed till we had no voice left, 

we clapped till our hands, arms and shoulders ached.
We had the best spot on the track.

We saw some amazing athletes giving it their all.

We were on T.V.
We were photographed by the local paper.
We met and celebrated with some wonderful people.
The children were exhausted.
We were exhausted.

Sarah Storey won Gold and Mark Colbourne won silver for team GB.
Phillippa Grey and Laura Thompson won silver for New Zealand.
And we were shouting loud for Catherine Walsh winning bronze for Ireland, mainly because we met her brother and he was the happiest most excited man there.
Sadly the youngest 3 members of the party hit the wall before the end so we didn't see Alex Zinardi win gold in one of the hand cycle events.
All the same 
we all went home happy!
Did you make it to see any of the Paralympics or Olympics this summer? 
Bet you had the best fun ever.
Love Nora xxx
P.S for those of you wondering how Wonky is, I can report he is now officially on the recovery ward, but in need of further corrective surgery soon. When he is strong enough I will take photos.
PPS The photo of Sarah Storey isn't mine. I stole them from the internet. 
My photos for the races looked mainly like this. 
Those guys can move fast!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Oh no, oh dear.
We have had a terrible tradgedy.
Only those who have been with me from very early on will remember Wonky.

Some of you may remember his cousin, 
Flaming Wonky of Death, that I made about a year ago.
But Wonky is much older than that.
He was supposed to start out as a giraffe, but it just wasn't happening, so he became Wonky.
Some how last night Wonky unbeknownst to us was left out in the garden.
This morning at about 5 am we woke up the the sounds of a very excited fox mullering something in the garden.
We have no chickens, the cat can take care of himself, I turned over an continued snoring.
When I finally emerged some many hours later the Hippy broke the news, Wonky had bought it.

Thats it I thought there is no coming back from this one.
But the Ginger one pointed out we must not give up so easily.
3 of the 4 limbs were found, a faint pulse can be detected, we could resurect him.
It is after all the paralympics.
If Oscar Pistorius can run like he does with no legs, then Wonky can manage on 3. 

He is currently waiting to be rushed in to the emergency surgery department.
We are waiting with fingers crossed and breath held.
I will keep you updated, if all goes according to plan we will be looking for help manufacturing him a blade so he can carry on galloping round the house.
Love Nora xxx