Somehow we became fascinated with the wrong side of this collar at work the other day.

The way it looks like a strange pixilated image of the motifs.

Life in the workroom carries on at a hectic pace, which is leading to somewhat sporadic blogging.
When ever I think things are calming down, they don't.
May be thats why we are distracted by things such as the reverse of a collar!
Love Nora xxx


  1. I absolutely love the reverse side of applique - I often look at things I have done and admire the back.

    That one is fab!

  2. The reverse side of my stitching never looks as nice as that!! It is fun to see the other side of the pretty :).

  3. I sometimes use the 'wrong' side of fabric, sometimes it can be more interesting and usually has more texture. Hope things calm down for you soon.

  4. I love it when backs look just as good as fronts, very satisfying.

  5. Actually, I have unofficially decreed that the reverse of everything looks waaay more interesting. 'Unofficial' because everyone already thinks I'm a bit of a nutter.

    (Lovely to 'see' you again!).


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