Those of you who follow me on facebook will know I have been rather excited about this beautiful book. 

I'm sure you know all about it already. If you don't then where have you been?
The world of the blog has been twitching with news of its arrival.
My lovely friend, in that odd way you can end up having friends you have never met these days, Alex, aka Alexandra Smith, aka Lola Nova has published a book.
Really its rather fab.
Packed full of fantastic ideas and inspiration, beautifully photographed and designed.
The boys particularly love this play tent, apparently I am making them one very very soon.

Any way I'm not going to go on too much about how wonderful this book is as Lola herself is going to be making a guest appearance here soon.
Hopefully very soon, just as soon as I have finished devising the fiendishly difficult questions to ask her.
So far I have "What's your favourite colour?" and "Who was your first pop star crush?"
Can't you tell its going to be good, searching, groundbreaking? 
Paxman eat your heart out...
The book has a companion
Simple Crochet by Sara Sinaguglia, she of the crochet apple cozy fame from the first edition of Molly makes.
It too is really rather fab.

I love the ideas in it, this morning I made a natty trim to brighten up our shelves. 

Stupidly I forgot to take a picture of the page in the book and its way too late now.
Probably a good thing really as mine is no where as neat looking as the one in the book.
I've also started to make this gorgeous coaster

 thought it would look great on my bed side table.
The Hippy has a surprisingly low tolerance level of what he calls granny knicker old rubbish,
 so I need to find a little me place to keep it.
I doubt the shelf trim will be able to stay up long, but it will find a home eventually in my workroom.
What does he know anyway?
The patterns were easy to follow even for one such as I who has some sort of selective dyslexia that comes on when I try to read knitting and crochet patterns.
So anyway if you fancy a treat, or like me had a large balance on my amazon gift certificate begging to be spent, you can't do worse than this pair of beauties.
Love Nora xxx
P.S oh and how many days a week do you ever find your self mentioned in the same sentence as Dotty Angel herself? It sends me in to a bit of a tizzy spin just thinking about it!!


  1. you got acknowledged!!! Wow....he should let you keep the shelf trim in appreciation of your greatness!!!

  2. I'm blushing! Smooches to you! I love the trim and really looking forward to getting my copy of Sara's book. And yes, you deserve even more acknowledgment - I do believe you talked me down off a ledge once or twice during the book writing! xo

  3. Oh how wonderful!! Both of these books look absolutely fantastic - I must be one of those craft bloggers who've been trapped under water or something because I had no idea ;) Lovely to find out now though and congrats on your mention Jane :) Kx

  4. It looks like a beautiful book, and you get a mention, woo hoo! Love your shelf trim, what does the Hoppy know? I usually threaten to pimp Mr's clothes with said 'rubbish' if he whines too much, usually makes him pipe down. ;-)

  5. Well that's my Christmas list sorted :o)

    The hatred of embellishments must be a man thing. As I live with three of the species occasional cushions very rarely stay put and doilies are regularly disparaged. Shelf trim wouldn't stand a chance so well done you for having it up long enough to get a rather charming photograph.

    Oh and congrats on the mention.


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