Today was a day for revisiting childhood haunts

gathering my favourite fruit in the world

Sitting under an ash tree enjoying the dappled shade

watching boys being boys

and trying to catch grasshoppers

sitting admiring how well my boots have aged

topped off with a quick bit of scrumping, or scrumbeling as the bombshell likes to call it.

After all what is a blackberry and apple pie with out the apples.
And illicit apples always taste so much better than shop ones.
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Well now you have made me smile!

  2. How lovely! What a wonderful day :) Kx

  3. Blackberries..delicious..looks like the hunt for them was fun too!

  4. Idyllic! Some of my fondest memories are of bramble picking with my boys when they were younger. Enjoy those moments while you can, other interests soon distract them.
    No brambling for me either this year, its been too wet here to produce decent fruit. : (

  5. Looks like a top day, I have not found a single blinking blackberry yet. We went hunting yesterday, they are either still green(?) or dried out. Not happy. Did get a bag of apples though. Apple pie...... *drooool*

  6. I'm a blackberry and apple pie/crumble lover too!! Yum.


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