The last 7 days have been some what hectic.
A week ago today the bombshell started school. 

I think its going well, 
but just like his brother he will never tell me anything about what he does at school. 
Though I am taking the fact that he sat down and made a love letter for his teacher as a good sign.
Then on Sunday the Ninja Knitters went mob handed to the Lambeth Country Show 

where we spent a pleasant afternoon in large tent teaching willing and unwilling members of the general public
 how to knit and crochet, 

and for the younger ones finger knitting was a huge hit.

Then on Monday evening while the ginger one was out at Cubs, 
the bombshell and I got dressed up in our Ninja finest again and went to the unveiling of the peace scarf project. 
Part of the big little peace event that is happening round here. 
One of the other Ninjas has been heavily involved in making and organising the scarf.

We all helped out in one way or another, 
but this one really was Sally's show.
Not quite sure what people passing on the buses made of it but we had fun, 
over 100 metres of fun in fact!

Oh and it gave rise to a fantastic photo opportunity!

Ooh Err Mrs!
Love Nora xxx


  1. How fabulous! You do make me laugh Mrs :)
    Wonderful stuff, all of it. Very happy it went well.

  2. Nora, what fun! How fabulous to be part of it all!

  3. Fabulous balls m'lady, looks like a heap of fun as always!

  4. Isn't it weird that you know pretty much everything about your kids' lives...and then they go to school and things are never the same again..they begin to carve out their own secret lives. So bizarre. Normal, but odd.

    That peace scarf is unbelievable - awesome!

  5. I have just found ydur blog and feel as if I have stumbled upon a box of treasure. Love the name Ninja knitters good stuff and 100 metres of peace scarf pretty impressive after all this everyone to think about world peace, a dream we should harbour and wish for. Off to read more about you and your bombshell! Do pop over to my blog sometime.

  6. Go Ninja Knitters !
    I'm so pleased to hear that your little fellow is settling into school :-)
    Keep the knitting coming and I hope you're having some lovely Autumnal sunshine in your part of the world,

  7. That's one heck of a scarf!
    Teacher love letter is so cute!
    M x


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