Oh no, oh dear.
We have had a terrible tradgedy.
Only those who have been with me from very early on will remember Wonky.

Some of you may remember his cousin, 
Flaming Wonky of Death, that I made about a year ago.
But Wonky is much older than that.
He was supposed to start out as a giraffe, but it just wasn't happening, so he became Wonky.
Some how last night Wonky unbeknownst to us was left out in the garden.
This morning at about 5 am we woke up the the sounds of a very excited fox mullering something in the garden.
We have no chickens, the cat can take care of himself, I turned over an continued snoring.
When I finally emerged some many hours later the Hippy broke the news, Wonky had bought it.

Thats it I thought there is no coming back from this one.
But the Ginger one pointed out we must not give up so easily.
3 of the 4 limbs were found, a faint pulse can be detected, we could resurect him.
It is after all the paralympics.
If Oscar Pistorius can run like he does with no legs, then Wonky can manage on 3. 

He is currently waiting to be rushed in to the emergency surgery department.
We are waiting with fingers crossed and breath held.
I will keep you updated, if all goes according to plan we will be looking for help manufacturing him a blade so he can carry on galloping round the house.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Maybe you could make him a prosthetic limb...

  2. Aah no - pesky fox! Hope the surgery is successful. :)

  3. Good luck with Wonky! I hope you get him all together again soon :) Kx

  4. Get well soon, Wonky!! I think he's going to come back stronger than ever.

  5. Poor Wonky! He looks like a fighter to me so I'm sure he'll pull through!

  6. I'm sure with a little 'mum magic' Wonky will be restored to better health soon. M x


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