Sunday, 27 April 2014


This idea started last summer on a lovely hot day when friends came in droves from London for a day by the sea.

As us adults were chatting round the dining table drinking tea and eating leftovers from lunch a note was lowered on a length of string from the ginger ones bedroom window.
A request.

Apparently the zombie apocalypse was upon us.
These were the three things the children felt were essential to survival.
This lead to a huge debate with yet more friends via facebook as to what the three most essential things are. 
It became a game we would play at quite moments, a test for new friends. 
I was pondering what to create for Aprils entry to Lola Nova's stitched journal project. I knew I wanted to carry on exploring the image transfer experiments I have been doing recently.
I was floundering, unsure what exactly to do, which images to use.
Then as it always does inspiration struck at the 11th hour. 
This is what happens when you live in a mainly male household. I have accepted it as my lot in life. Not for us pleasant afternoons pressing wild flowers and colour coordination of our pant drawers.
I took photos of all 4 of us looking left right and straight ahead holding a blank piece of card.

Then fiddled about with the colours to make it seem a little more post apocalyptical.

I used scraps of this and that from the scrap box for the background and backed them on to wool felt.

The photos I printed on to a slightly textured cotton.


Of course this was just supposed to be a small experiment as part of the journal project.
But as I stitched and pondered upon what I was doing and how it came about I realised I wanted it to be more that just the 4 pieces.
I want this to be bigger with photos of many more of the survivors and their essential items on it, all stitched together in a suitably post apocalyptical way, what ever the hell that is!
I guess when I have gathered the pictures and words together I will show you all how its ended up.
If you want to know more about the image transfer method you can read about it here.
What would your 3 essential things be?
Be sure to pop over to Lola's and check out all the other amazing things people have been up to this month, and do remember its not too late to join in if you want to.
Love Nora xxx

Thursday, 24 April 2014


Recently my sister in law had a significant birthday. 
We don't normally do presents, but a significant birthday is after all a significant birthday.
After some head scratching and much pondering the idea of embroidering the initials of her family came to me. 
Which then lead to the pondering upon letters and words.

Which lead me to a lovely old pocket dictionary which had once belonged to my Granddad, that my Dad gave to me when I was about 8.

Its old and falling apart and has been used on similar projects in the past, so I felt no angst at tearing out some of the pages.
It was a lot of fun to do and every one was happy with the results.





I suspect I may feel the need to make more of these.
Though I must apologise for the dinginess of the photos. I took them on the only non sunny day of the Easter holidays.
Love Nora xxxx

Tuesday, 22 April 2014


I seem to not have been here that much recently.

I've been taking lots of time out spending with the boys over the Easter holidays. 
Lots of hanging out with family and friends and an enormous amount of chocolate.
But all this does not mean I haven't been busy.
Oh boy I have been busy. Not really sure how I have managed to fit it all in what with all the relaxing an that going on.
So here is a quick blow your own trumpet moment.
I was asked to write a guest post over at &stitches about the embroidered piece 
Growing up in the shadow of the Cathedral I finished earlier in the year.

There has been so much interest in this piece and the story that goes with it. It kind of took me by surprise, a very lovely surprise, but surprise none the less.
&stitches are running a swap at the moment with the theme of place, so I guess this just fitted the bill.
The post is all about the process I use for image transfer. 
People have asked me about it here too, so pop over to &stitches and read all about it!
It was great fun to write, though much more difficult than I thought it would be. 
Odd that, I am rarely lost for words, but writing for someone else added a whole other dimension.
Tune back in soon and I'll share the rest of what I have been up to with you.
Hope all your Easter breaks were full of fun and sunshine.
Love Nora xxx

Tuesday, 15 April 2014


I seem to have been away for longer than I expected. 
Its the Easter holidays, we have been out having fun and entertaining visitors.
Yesterday we went exploring, Church Woods in Hollington.
We found wild garlic everywhere.

And when there wasn't wild garlic there were bluebells.

We even found an other worldly fairy glenn.

The Church's graveyard was beautiful with wonderful overgrown Victorian parts to explore.

But then we stumbled across a Weeping Angel.

So very quickly and with out blinking we left.

We are hoping very much it hasn't followed us.

Love Nora xxxx

Monday, 7 April 2014


Oh the perils of using vintage doodahs on every day projects.

Patching the patches.

I love my handkerchief skirt but fear it shall be a work in progress for the rest of its natural days.
Love Nora xxx

Saturday, 5 April 2014


Today my baby turned 11.
How did that happen?

Due to the generosity of very dear friends we had the whole of the skate board bowl to ourselves today. Lucky boy, skateboards are THE thing right now.

Counting down the years. 
(sadly due to an unhappy meeting between a vase of flowers and a computer much of the very early years are missing)









Because of that little red headed baby I have met some amazing people who have gone on to be the best friends a girl could have, I have done things I would probably never have done (unfortunately many of them involve poo), I have been to places I wouldn't have been to and had the most fantastic of times, I have rekindled my love of camping, realised my own limitations when it comes to coping with poster paints and have enough memories to make me smile for the rest of my life, I also haven't slept properly for over a decade.
I love my Ginger Ninja. I cherish the squishy cuddly years that are now behind us and am steeling my self for the Lynx years that are approaching like an unstoppable train.
Love Nora xxx

Wednesday, 2 April 2014


Recently I have taken part in a couple of swaps.
I do love a good swapsie, but I'm ALWAYS really crap at getting them done on time. Humm bearing in mind my last post I feel there is a theme developing!
The first was a Phat Quarter swap with the theme of Bestiary, fantastical, mythical beasties.
So I made a set of flying ducks a la Hilda Ogden for Leslie.

All in a spiffy old pencil tin.
It was kind of a homage to our Grandmother's domesticity. My Grandma had an armchair like this when I was young and she constantly used to make reference to antimacassars and flying ducks. Though I don't remember her having either.
In Return I received this delightful unicorn from Salvaged Mutiny.

I also took part in an Artists Trading Card swap organised by Ali at Very Berry, the theme was literature, right up my street. I made a copy of the front cover of my favourite book of all time for Laura of Blue Giraffe.

And in return I received this amazing card from Debbie.

I don't know if I like the front or the back best.

Every few days I swap it over so I can look at the other side for a while.
Well, Thats it on the swap front for now folks. Though I'm sure before too long I will be signing up for another load and again leaving it till the last moment before getting my act together.
Love Nora xxx