Today my baby turned 11.
How did that happen?

Due to the generosity of very dear friends we had the whole of the skate board bowl to ourselves today. Lucky boy, skateboards are THE thing right now.

Counting down the years. 
(sadly due to an unhappy meeting between a vase of flowers and a computer much of the very early years are missing)









Because of that little red headed baby I have met some amazing people who have gone on to be the best friends a girl could have, I have done things I would probably never have done (unfortunately many of them involve poo), I have been to places I wouldn't have been to and had the most fantastic of times, I have rekindled my love of camping, realised my own limitations when it comes to coping with poster paints and have enough memories to make me smile for the rest of my life, I also haven't slept properly for over a decade.
I love my Ginger Ninja. I cherish the squishy cuddly years that are now behind us and am steeling my self for the Lynx years that are approaching like an unstoppable train.
Love Nora xxx


  1. ooo he is adorable! I send happy 11th wishes his way! cherished memories of squidgy years indeed...how fast the grown up world swoops in! x

  2. Sorry to hear about your pics. My old PC 's hard drive went to way off the pear and took loads of my pics of Sprogzilla with it. Hope you all had a great time. Xx

  3. Congratulations ! What lovely memories . Mind you , this is when it starts to get ' interesting ' .
    But , now he's a skateboarder , you might only catch fleeting glimpses of him when he drops by for more food !

  4. Happy birthday to your son.
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  5. Oh, how I wished for a red haired baby (my dad had red hair) but I got a blondie instead! Your boy is gorgeous. Mine will be 11 next month and has just entered the 'Lynx years' ... he emerges from a cloud of it every morning ... and suddenly his hair has to be waxed too! Oh, how I love boys.
    M x

  6. Ah - the lynx years - I remember those well. Eventually they materialise into cool and (if you're really lucky) thoughtful men with children of their own ... Good luck in the meantime!

  7. Wow what memories.

    The next bit I found to be less physically exhausting. It has also proven to be less emotionally fraught for us than for my friends who have girls. They used to look at me with pity as their offspring settled down to some quiet colouring or sticking. I now look at them with pity as we sit down with our lads to enjoy a fun dinner together with no flouncing or emotional blackmail.


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