This idea started last summer on a lovely hot day when friends came in droves from London for a day by the sea.

As us adults were chatting round the dining table drinking tea and eating leftovers from lunch a note was lowered on a length of string from the ginger ones bedroom window.
A request.

Apparently the zombie apocalypse was upon us.
These were the three things the children felt were essential to survival.
This lead to a huge debate with yet more friends via facebook as to what the three most essential things are. 
It became a game we would play at quite moments, a test for new friends. 
I was pondering what to create for Aprils entry to Lola Nova's stitched journal project. I knew I wanted to carry on exploring the image transfer experiments I have been doing recently.
I was floundering, unsure what exactly to do, which images to use.
Then as it always does inspiration struck at the 11th hour. 
This is what happens when you live in a mainly male household. I have accepted it as my lot in life. Not for us pleasant afternoons pressing wild flowers and colour coordination of our pant drawers.
I took photos of all 4 of us looking left right and straight ahead holding a blank piece of card.

Then fiddled about with the colours to make it seem a little more post apocalyptical.

I used scraps of this and that from the scrap box for the background and backed them on to wool felt.

The photos I printed on to a slightly textured cotton.


Of course this was just supposed to be a small experiment as part of the journal project.
But as I stitched and pondered upon what I was doing and how it came about I realised I wanted it to be more that just the 4 pieces.
I want this to be bigger with photos of many more of the survivors and their essential items on it, all stitched together in a suitably post apocalyptical way, what ever the hell that is!
I guess when I have gathered the pictures and words together I will show you all how its ended up.
If you want to know more about the image transfer method you can read about it here.
What would your 3 essential things be?
Be sure to pop over to Lola's and check out all the other amazing things people have been up to this month, and do remember its not too late to join in if you want to.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Utterly brilliant!. Zombies are never far from discussion in our house too (mostly girls). You can never be too be prepared though. We would take clean water, a baseball bat (the gift that keeps on giving) and medication. We are a practical lot. xx

  2. ha ha that is so so brill!! the cricket bat comes up in our discussions too, apparently it is the weapon 'du jour" you see I live with Zombies too! my no one is scared of them, but sometimes even on a hot night the windows have to remain closed!!!
    bestest love Daisy j xxxx

  3. Fantastic! Don't think that this topic is limited to boys - I have two girls, the eldest is totally prepared for the zombies, and she's just waiting til the 4-year-old is old enough to tell (I won't let her yet, I'm not ready for nightmares!). This is a terrific way to keep the memory - because, you know, fabric lasts longer than paper, which would either be burnt or disintegrate over time after the zombies attack. ;-) Chrissie x

  4. just my luck, the Zombie apocalypse is upon us just as I am travelling south.....but.....have the zombies ever met a Northerner I wonder? They don't scare me....

  5. I love this. So good to know my household isn't the only one that is completely bonkers ;-)....

  6. That is so fantastic...we talk zombies ALL the time and even have a poster at the top of the stairs telling us what to do when it happens (and I was given a grewsome magazine of post apocalyptic recipes for my birthday!) but we have never talked the 3 things talk...I'm off to do it now! :)

  7. You are so funny. Thank you for sharing your crafty ways and 'how to's'.

    Jean x

  8. You know I love this right? Puts a big smile on my face. Ha ha ha "Pants"! Last time we discussed this with friends, they decided that in case of the Apocalypse, they would all come over to our place to hunker down. Something to do with our basement, garden and record collection.

  9. Although my list will take much thought and consideration, I believe that the fart gun is my #1 choice! Fingers crossed I come up with the other two before the apocalypse!

    (p.s. love your stitched journal page!)

  10. Cinnamon , pencil , electric blanket .... and someone to help with the printing !

  11. Love this a lot! hmmm, will have to work on my list. need some adaptable crafting equipment to pass the time but kill the zombies as well, knitting needles?

  12. That is brilliant! I have to ask though, how would you kill a zombie with a lemon?

  13. Again very funny, I like your work together with your words. Simona

  14. So funny! Fart gun and courgette made me laugh out loud. Oh, and the hippy with his 'pants'?!
    M x

  15. This is fab. We seem to have missed the Zombie thing but I want a fart gun! Intrigued to see how it will all end.

  16. Ha this has got me thinking, will have to ask everyone tonight. (am wondering about the thought behind the lemon though).


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