Saturday, 25 October 2014


I have been such a sporadic blogger of late. 
There are many projects that fell through the cracks.
Some of them were a lot of work and it still surprises me that I didn't really even mention them here.
During the summer I re awoke my inner Ninja Knitter and along with a group of friends created a wooly rock pool. 
There was a lot of hot needle and hook action, over many crisp and cava fuelled evenings.
It was all in aid of the Follow The Herring project that was travelling down the East coast of the country eventually finishing up here in Hastings.
Whereas part of the cultural fiesta The Craftimation Factory under the auspices of the lovely Janey created a knitted fish and chip shop. 
So we made our rock pool to go along side it, exhibited on the benches nearby.
Every thing became a bit of a rush in the end as both my self and my best friend Mingo were off on our Holidays before the event happened and we were both away for all of it.
The upshot of this is we only had photos of it laid out on the kitchen table rather than any of it in situ.
So here is a quick, ok not so quick, and most certainly picture heavy tour of our long finished project.

Rocks, coral and a seahorse.

Razor clams, starfish and prawns.

Mussels nestled amongst the foam crashing over the rocks.

Squid, crab and a bit of seaweed.

Sea anemones.

Seaweed crocheted from cut up plastic bags, but can you guess where they are from?

Lots of big loopy knitting done of huge needles to make the sea that cascaded over the side of the bench to the ground.
So there you have it a long gone happy summery project to cheer up a cold wet Saturday night.
Hope you are all warm and toasty where ever you are.
Love Nora xxx

Thursday, 9 October 2014


A tale of two parts.

Part two first.
We were working on a costume, the bodice was covered in braid.
The braid was beautiful, old and slightly crumbling round the edges.
The edges were covered in a row of tiny jet beads.
"What do you want me to do?" the current glamorous assistant asked, "if only we had some real jet."
Whirr, crunch the cogs started turning.
Something was niggling the back of the mind.
Rewind many many years, 1991? 92? 93? 
Some time around then.

My kaftan wearing ex (ish) hippy mother, was somewhere following the scent of a ley line like a bloodhound after its prey.
She came across a little studio with a jeweller residing with in.
She bought some beautiful amber beads on a little leather thong 
(yes I know, leather thong, well it was the 90's)
One for me and one for her and some amethyst for the junior brother.
If memory serves he wasn't as enamoured by his gift as I was.
In fact I still have mine, somewhere, I wore it until the leather thong wore out.

As kaftan wearing ex (ish) hippy mothers are wont to do she engaged the said jeweller in conversation, it would appear mainly about moi.
"Ooh my daughter would love your studio.... She's just finished studying at London College of Fashion.... She makes costumes.... She has done some amazing (it wasn't) beading at college." 
etc etc etc
You know that thing that mothers do. 
I take pleasure in the fact that one day my boys will cringe in exactly the same way as I used to do when I tell perfect strangers just how wonderful they are.
Any way to cut a long story sideways, the jeweller, possibly just to shut the mad old woman up and get on with stringing beads on to leather thongs said
 "ooh I have something your daughter would love then"
And presented Mum with and old box full of jet beads from old broken Victorian mourning jewellery.

Fast forward 20+ odd years and after a mild bit of swearing and rummaging I emerged triumphantly from the dustier regions of the workroom with exactly what the current Glamorous Assistant needed to repair the crumbly braid and thus finish the costume.
And the moral of this story is boys and girls...
Hoarding does pay its way.
Love Nora xxxx

Tuesday, 7 October 2014


My lovely old Unc has had a very significant birthday.
I wanted to make him a little something.

I've been seeing french knot projects like this about for a while, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to try it out.

It was a great party with lots of singing, cake, singing and more singing.
Here is the silly old bugger with two more of my favourite people in the world, 
his little brother (my old Dad) and his youngest son (my favourite cousin Ed).

Happy days.
Love Nora xxx