My lovely old Unc has had a very significant birthday.
I wanted to make him a little something.

I've been seeing french knot projects like this about for a while, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to try it out.

It was a great party with lots of singing, cake, singing and more singing.
Here is the silly old bugger with two more of my favourite people in the world, 
his little brother (my old Dad) and his youngest son (my favourite cousin Ed).

Happy days.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Gorgeous :) but what did you do with the french knotted brilliance..??
    I'd love to know what you made him. Kx

  2. Oof! That's a lot of knotty business! Looks great on the blue background.

  3. I have a feeling you made more than 80 french knots on that embroidery piece ;-)...
    Looks great ! (And your uncle too, at 80 !!)

  4. How lovely a think to make. I am sure that he must have been really chuffed. xx

  5. What a fun party - singing and French knots - I am sure YOU are their favorite too!

  6. what a marvelous stitcher you are and I love that happy snap.......... aren't those boys so very alike? genes huh?
    bestest d xx

  7. What a lovely trio of men! Happy greetings to the Birthday Boy!

  8. Nora, nothing like French knots to celebrate a big occasion. Belated birthday wishes to the birthday gentleman.

    I am guessing that perhaps you made him a special handkerchief? Since I just passed by my own 69th birthday, I particularly appreciated this post.

    Bravo to you! And to French knots, too. xo


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