Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Way back when in the soggy damp days of I don't know when I foolishly decided that my summer wasn't full enough.

I turned my blind eye towards the enormous mountain of costumes pilling up on my cutting table. 
I turned my blind eye towards the ridiculous amount of knitting and crochet the Ninjas had to do.
I turned my blind eye towards the boys summer holidays.
I turned my blind eye towards all the work we are doing to the house to make it beautiful and presentable in the vague and vain hope that one day some one may buy it, 
and I signed up for a course.
You will be.
Because I actually signed up for two courses.
I am beginning to wonder if I had a touch of brain fever that evening.
I am trying to blame the Hippy, I mean when I told him what I was thinking of doing he did not laugh in my face and tell me I was insane.
But then again he never does no matter how stupid and hair brained my schemes are.
No he just shrugged and raised a quizzical eyebrow at me.
Of course the inevitable happened.
The course is in its last and final throws and I am just about nearly limping to the end of the final week of tasks.

I have been rather enjoying my self though.
It is called "An Embroiderer's Ledger" and is run by the ever amazing Karen Ruane.
Some of you may remember me taking one of her courses last year on button making.
Lots of work with colours and a bit of painting, stitching on paper and cloth, though I don't have any pictures of the cloth to show you yet.

I've been finding my way a bit with it all, but now really feel as though I have got in to my stride.
It will probably take me till next christmas to finish, but hopefully I will get there.
Though goodness only knows what I am going to do about course number the second which is supposed to be starting quite soon.
Love Nora xxxx

Sunday, 22 July 2012


We are now record breakers.
We are very happy about this.
Today on Hastings Beach many many Pirates gathered in the same place at the same time.

14231 Pirates to be precise.
We were there with friends adding to the numbers, swelling the ranks.

We all had an arrrmazing time.
Being caught in the underpass with the drumming Pirates brought out the goosebumps.

But mainly having that many people in the same place at the same time having fun on a rare sunny day was fantastic.


A great start to the summer holidays, long may it continue!
Love Nora xxx

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

We have some new arrivals.

Teeny tiny little baby new arrivals.
Five little caterpillars.
The Bombshell's Grandmother sent him a present. 
The first part of the adventure is a pot of caterpillars arriving in the post.

They have all their food in the bottom of the pot. 
They are munching away.
They are growing up fast.
Some time this weekend if all goes according to plan they will start to pupate.
We are all very excited.
Our  own version of a very hungry caterpillar.
Tune in soon for further updates.
Love Nora xxx

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

This post is going to be really rather heavy on the photos and light on the chat.

All I can say is the Ninja Knitters had the most amazing day on Saturday.

We had all worked so hard in the run up to the "Fire Blanket" exhibit that it was really gratifying to see so many people enjoying our work.

Though I'm not sure the collection of drunk, mad and weird people who tend to inhabit Streatham Green were so appreciative!

May be a bunch of women dressed as Hilda Ogden covering their chairs in yarn was just too much for them.
So wearing the Ninja One hat I would like to say how proud I am of the Ninjas for taking a mad idea we had before Christmas, working on it all year, and creating something so memorable!

Being part of a local Arts festival was very different from any thing we had done before.
Look on and check it out.

Ninja H, the technical one's Swan Vesta chair

Ninja One's crochet camp fire.

The Witch Burning chair, possibly a backhanded compliment to our very own Nora.
Designed and made by One of the Ninja Twos, Ninjette J and the Kiwi Granny Ninja.

One of the Ninja Two's Phoenix.

The Pixilated Fire image chair.
Designed by Ninja One and made by every one!

The Wise Ninja's Fire Salamander chair.

Ninja Lucille Ball's Fire Flowers chair.

Home is were the Hearth is.
By Ninja H, the technical one, who did the impressive technical knitting, and Ninja one who did the less impressive crochet.

The Great Fire of London.
Flames and sky by Ninja S McG, Houses by trainee Ninja T, old St Paul's Cathedral and inns by one of the ninja twos, river by the French Ninja, boats by the other Ninja two, bridge by Ninja One.

Viking Long boat funeral burning.
By the Ninjas of the Streatham W.I

Volcanic explosion by the Woody Ninjas.
There are loads more photos on flickr
If you want to know more about the Ninjas you can find them on facebook
I would like to say its going to be some time before I start doing any thing this mad and huge again, but ........
Love Nora xxxx

Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Ok so the events I am writing about here did not happen this week.
I can see dear readers that your eyes are not to be 
covered by wool today!
However in the brief day long summer we had recently a new organisation was born.
Affiliated to but independent of the Ninja Knitters.
The Woody Ninjas..
Year 5 at the Ginger one's school are studying what one of the boys spiritedly described to me as
I don't know what they are really studying but 
seems a perfectly fine topic to me.
I would want to go to a school that studied 
 but only if they did how to evade a killer zombie attack in P.E and how to make your own 
radioactive spider in science.
Anyway, I digress, the point is under the heading of NATURAL DISASTERS! comes Volcanos.
And Volcanos are a very close friend of FIRE!
A gem of an idea started to form in Ninja One's little old walnut, and so The Woody Ninjas were born.

You can see the amazing effort those mini Ninjas put in to their project at the 
Ninja Knitter's Fire Blanket yarn bomb extravaganza this weekend.
I love working with these kids, this is the 3rd project we have done this year. Its been a privilege to work with them and see them develop their skills and reasoning. I've had so much fun working with them and the teachers who amazingly are never fazed when I come up with ever more bonkers ideas of what the children should be doing.
Last week they were designing Woody Ninja logos as their home learning.

This week they have been yarn bombing the school to advertise Saturdays event.

I hope they were stealthy, I hope they were disguised and I hope they didn't get caught!
and I really hope that when the public see their work of art they will appreciate just how much effort 
those Woody Ninjas put in to it.

And if they don't, well I suspect we are going to have a lot of the Woody Ninjas with us on the big day so they can demonstrate their awesomeness themselves.
Well that is if you can spot them, their disguises will be strong and they will blend seamlessly in to the crowd.
Can you tell we are all getting a bit excited?
I've got some more amazing things on the Ninja front to show you, but that will have to wait till tomorrow.
Love Nora xxx