Sunday, 27 January 2013


The next sewing class for crafty boys and girls is nearly upon us.
Next Saturday, 2nd Feb.
The children will be making Pendants inspired by "Love Heart" sweets, or if they fancy Medals for the brave of heart.
I have managed to secure some funding for this class and so can offer it at the delightfully low cost of £5 per child.
Love Nora xxx

Thursday, 24 January 2013


I seen to be quite obsessed with maps at the moment.
Maps and shoes.
Paths travelled and the forgotten adventures they have to tell.
This one is a beautiful AA map of central London.
No idea when it was printed, but some time ago thats for sure.
I have a feeling there may be more maps and map related ideas appearing here over the next few weeks, months.
And probably some old boots and shoes too.
Love Nora xxx 

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

At the end of last year I was reading something some where, they were asking what your favourite inspirational quote was.
I looked at it blankly and felt quite grumpy.
I'm not one for that kind of thing, but have a vague feeling that maybe I should. 
Maybe it's a failing on my part that I don't have an inspiring mantra to ponder upon.
But then I throw it all up in the air realising its all a load of hippy crap and I've been happy without an inspiring quote for over 40 years. I'll probably be happy without one for another 40.
I then continued on my rambling page hopping way forging a weavey way through the internet. When the next place I alighted and I can remember where it was, it was on the Guardian's website. No idea what the article was about though, had this quote on it.

They attributed it to Julia Margaret Cameron, though on further investigation it would appear its something a lot of people have said over a long period of time.
But I think it was her name that grabbed me, I find her quite fascinating.
Somehow it was exactly what I needed to hear at exactly the right time.
So I decided to record it and keep it so I can remember.
So now I have one, an inspiring quote.
One that spoke to me and helped me make some decisions.
Helped clear up  the direction I need to go in.
It is  quite handy to have this inspiring quote thing. I repeat it to my self when I get confused or the fear about what I want to do.
May be some of this hippy crap has something to it, not all of it though, I'm not going to start wearing crystals and patchouli oil.
Love Nora xxx

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Somehow this last week has just disappeared. 
How did that happen?
Is it possible?
Should I ring the authorities to let them know of such a strange occurrence?
This week I should have been telling you of the fantastic success of our Crafty Pint launch last weekend

When we were rushed off our feet with clever and creative people being clever and creative with tote bags.

learning how to screen print and carve block prints

I should be telling you that I heart Streatham.

I should be telling you all about the exciting programme of events we have planned.
I should be telling you that we had a milestone birthday for the youngest member of the clan.
The Bombshell turned 5.
I should be telling you how I'm a little freaked out that time is speeding up and he's all grown up. 
Last time I looked he was a baby with long blonde hair and a dummy.
Now he's a big boy with short brown hair who goes to school.

I should be telling you about how hopelessly underprepared I am for his birthday party later today, but we are going to draw a tactful veil over that one.
I should be telling you all about my next kids sewing class.
Hearts and Medals on 2nd February, and the exciting programme of events I also have planned here.

But all I want to do is run about in the snow jumping up and down like the child I really am and lobbing snowballs at unsuspecting passers by.

What I want to know is what is the point of a snow day on a Saturday?

Ah well, next week is another week, may be I won't loose any days, may be I will be more organised.
May be I won't leave it more than a week before coming back here again.
Happy Snow Days kids
Love Nora xxx

Friday, 11 January 2013

Today has been all about getting ready.


cutting and stitching

piles of tasty looking gifts for the Crafty Pint launch tomorrow.
Wishing you all excitement in your weekends.
Love Nora xxx

Monday, 7 January 2013

2012 ended on a bit of a high for me.
Despite all of us being ill with a rolling programme of various, new and interesting diseases it was a good end to the year!
"Why?" I hear you cry "how can this be?"
Well, it was fun being off with the boys for two weeks, it was also really nice to not go any where, though it did mean we didn't see any of our families which was sad.
But this new year is bursting with opportunity already.
So very exciting.
I've been busting to tell you all about it, but a Christmas spent in the sick bay for the whole family has kind of had me distracted and not in a blog writing kind of mood.
But I am now!
So let me tell you all about it.
Heard of them?
Its run by Gillian Ellam and hosts monthly workshops in a couple of venues in South London.
Gillian is looking to expand further and has asked me to work with her to set up Crafty Pint here in Streatham.
We will be hosting workshops on the second Wednesday of the month at The Railway, same venue as I use for the children's classes.
How ever what I was to tell you about today is our grand launch event.
We are carrying on with a theme set by the Ninja Knitters before Christmas and urging people to come along and celebrate our local shops who have been hit hard by the road bridge at Streatham Common  station being shut for 6 months.
Next Saturday is the day of the monthly farmers market so there will be lots going on as well as the Crafty Pint excitement.
Come along and help us celebrate launching this exciting new adventure and learn what we will be up to, not just your run of the mill craft workshops, lots of exciting new stuff happening here I can assure you, print your own tote bag with Streatham Bridge images and generally join in the fun.
And the best bit?
Well, this one is FREE!
Its suitable for crafty people of all ages and abilities and we love meeting and making friends new and old, so put the date in your diary and we will be seeing you next Saturday 12th Jan some time between 11 and 2.
Love Nora xxxx

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

I was going to write this post.
Then I wasn't.
Then I was and I sorted through my pictures.
Then I wasn't.
Then it was Christmas.
Then we were all ill.
Then we were all ill again.
Then I was going to write something else.
Then I wasn't.
Then it was New Year's Eve.
Then it was he morning after the night before.
Then I really couldn't be bothered.
Then I logged on to face book.
Then I saw my Brother had made a very corny joke and it made me laugh.
So I stole it and made it the title of this post of procrastination.
So now here I am writing away with no danger what so ever of getting to the point any time soon.

2012 the year I

  learnt to crochet.

Embroidered a bearded tit my old Dad.

Taught a lot of crafty boys and girls to sew.

The Hippy built a new roof on our house.

Auntie Brenda left us for ever, but will always be alive in a little corner of all of our hearts.

The Ninjas created an entire knitted and crochet exhibition.

We cheered ourselves horse all summer.

Some people we love very much moved so far away if they were any further away they would be on the way back and we miss them every day.


A virtual friend became a very real one, and again I miss her all the time, but she isn't quite so far away.

I made and then lost the most amazing banner ever.

The Ninjas helped to knit a broken community back together just in time for Christmas.

And we watched as two little boys become not quite as little as they were this time last year.

It was a really crappy year, illness, death, stress, work, moving house, not moving house, moving house, tennis elbow, not moving house.
But it was an amazing year, family, friends, first days at school, embroidery, crochet, new teaching job, and all the time surrounded by noise and bustle, comings and goings, toings and froings, this and that, flim and flam, ebb and flow.
2013 is already brimming over with so many opportunities and plans coming together that I am almost breathless just thinking about it all.
So long 2012.
Come on in 2013, make yourself at home, I'm just going in to the kitchen to make us a cup of tea.
Love Nora xxx