I was going to write this post.
Then I wasn't.
Then I was and I sorted through my pictures.
Then I wasn't.
Then it was Christmas.
Then we were all ill.
Then we were all ill again.
Then I was going to write something else.
Then I wasn't.
Then it was New Year's Eve.
Then it was he morning after the night before.
Then I really couldn't be bothered.
Then I logged on to face book.
Then I saw my Brother had made a very corny joke and it made me laugh.
So I stole it and made it the title of this post of procrastination.
So now here I am writing away with no danger what so ever of getting to the point any time soon.

2012 the year I

  learnt to crochet.

Embroidered a bearded tit my old Dad.

Taught a lot of crafty boys and girls to sew.

The Hippy built a new roof on our house.

Auntie Brenda left us for ever, but will always be alive in a little corner of all of our hearts.

The Ninjas created an entire knitted and crochet exhibition.

We cheered ourselves horse all summer.

Some people we love very much moved so far away if they were any further away they would be on the way back and we miss them every day.


A virtual friend became a very real one, and again I miss her all the time, but she isn't quite so far away.

I made and then lost the most amazing banner ever.

The Ninjas helped to knit a broken community back together just in time for Christmas.

And we watched as two little boys become not quite as little as they were this time last year.

It was a really crappy year, illness, death, stress, work, moving house, not moving house, moving house, tennis elbow, not moving house.
But it was an amazing year, family, friends, first days at school, embroidery, crochet, new teaching job, and all the time surrounded by noise and bustle, comings and goings, toings and froings, this and that, flim and flam, ebb and flow.
2013 is already brimming over with so many opportunities and plans coming together that I am almost breathless just thinking about it all.
So long 2012.
Come on in 2013, make yourself at home, I'm just going in to the kitchen to make us a cup of tea.
Love Nora xxx


  1. ...only a tiny drop of milk in mine please...


  2. I do hope 2013 will be a good one for you xxx

  3. Happy and joyous 2013 to you and yours I love that title!
    d x

  4. I really enjoyed reading about your year. Mine was also crap, but amid the crapness some magic happened, relationships were strengthened and there were lots of hugs! Wishing you a happy, creative and fun 2013 x

  5. Perhaps if the crappy stuff didn't happen we might not take the time to appreciate all the good stuff? Wishing you all the best for the new year.

  6. Happy New Year!! I haven't even stopped to think about the past year yet...still trying to eek a little time to sort out my sewing room and regain some sanity after the manic child whirlwind tha is whizzing about me....! This year will be a good one...love to you and yours...the Dotty one xx

  7. wonderful post! and what a year you have had.....happy 2013!

  8. I so enjoyed reading your post, I love your house, it looks so cozy. Wishing you a fantastic 2013 x

  9. Beautiful :) Happy times and sadness is what life is all about, isn't it? It's how we grow I guess but so important to take stock and appreciate that it was a balance of both. Lovely photos and so wonderful seeing bits of your gorgeous work too :) Kx

  10. Ah I had one of those years too! It was crap but it was brilliant too. This year is being good so far....

  11. Just catching up! Seems like a few of us had a crappity year - makes us appreciate the good times a bit more I guess. Such a shame your lovely banner never turned up.
    Here's to a fab 2013 - we can live in hope! Long, hot summer, win the lottery and all that ...
    M x


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