Sunday, 26 April 2015


I know a student, she works in a pub.
A man who drinks in her pub took an interest in what she is studying.
She explained how she had to study pictures of times past to help in her research and the quest to design and make the perfect costume.
He said, I may have something that would interest you then.
A few weeks later he turned up with a bag full of photo albums.

It turns out he used to work in house clearances for a housing association.
There were 6 or 7 albums all full of photos all of the same family.
How did they get left behind?
Who were they?
One thing I do know they were all stunners, especially the mother.
But the picture that really caught my eye was this one.

What a wonderful glimpse into the past life of an unknown family.


The pictures were mostly of this quality, which makes me think someone must have been a professional photographer.
I find it so hard to understand how they weren't claimed.
But some solace is to be had in the fact that Naomi will love them and keep them safe.
As well as these pictures I also took a few photocopies of the real stand out pictures just so I too don't forget.
Love Nora xx

Sunday, 19 April 2015


Last weekend a friend got married.
It was the kind of wedding I love all hand crafted by the happy couple, their family and friends.
My contribution, apart from bringing a car boot ful of booze back from France, was crochet.

 A couple of months ago I received a message along the lines of Jane how would you like to crochet some buttonholes for the wedding? 
In for a penny in for a pound, of course I said yes.

Though really tiny and precise crochet is not my forte, especially the precise bit. 
I decided to conquor my fear and get on with it. 

I bought stupidly tiny hooks and hunted out the finest of yarns from both mine and the brides stashes. She wanted a really neutral palate, something else I struggled with. Colour just kept creaping in. Though I did manage to keep it relativly subdued.

It was all great fun and I must say hurrah for pinterest as it helped me to find some amazing patterns. 
The one for the pansys particularly did my head in don't quite know how I managed to make 3!

I think this one was my favourite (and of course the most colouful)

It was a lovely day, there were so many fantastic little details, including these stunning handmade shoes that one of the bride's friends made for her.

I love that Jordan managed to sneak one of the buttonholes onto her dress too

I suspect the palate for the rest of the decorations was so neutral because nothing was allowed to detract from the magnificance that was the brides footwear!
Congratulations Jordan and Lewis and thank you for such a beautiful day.

Happy days.
Love Nora xxx

Monday, 13 April 2015


A few Saturdays ago I had a fantastic day.
The best kind of day, a day of fiddling about with bits of fabric, of sitting about stitching and chatting, of meeting new people and making new friends and becoming properly acquainted with people I have known on line for years.

I also discovered the most fantastic workshop venue.
Sew Not Strawberry Jam.
Not only is it beautiful, Sam the owner is welcoming and generous, especially with her cakes which lets face it always helps. But most importantly it is local. Just a few miles up the road near Tenterden, just north of Rye.
I was so excited when I read that Viv of Hen's Teeth was to be hosting a workshop so nearby.
I've known Viv for a long time, we couldn't work out how long but it was lots of years, via her blog.
I have a few of her beautiful pieces. She is the main inspiration behind me becoming obsessed with little tins and creating odd little scenes in them.
But as it so often is with blog relationships we have never actually met.
But we have now!
Viv was very patient with all my indecisive faffing about, which at time I thought may be all I was going to achieve.

I think we were supposed to me making needle cases, but I got a little sidetracked and decided to make a stitched book.
These pieces are to be the front cover and the inner sleeve.

More pages will follow.
Though I have to finish the cover first, the day just wasn't long enough and what with the intervention of deadlines and holidays stitching for pleasure has more or less ground to a halt at the moment.
Soon my friends soon I will actually finish something I start.
In the meantime I am booked on to another workshop in June over at Sew Not Strawberry Jam  this June. Sam is booking some really interesting tutors.


It was great seeing what every one else had made at the end of the day, so much variety I loved them all and there may have been one or two I wished I could sneak home with me, especially the cuffs. I love the cuffs. If I hadn't blown all available spare cash booking my self in to workshops I may have treated my self to one of Viv's own cuffs. 
But I had. So I didn't. The end!
Love Nora xxxx

Sunday, 12 April 2015


Well I really didn't expect to be away from here for quite this long.
Things happen, things occour, things conspire against managing to grab any time here.
In the past three weeks I have had stressful deadlines, fun deadlines, school holidays, an amazing workshop and meeting virtual friends, 3 birthdays and a wedding as well as a well deserved and very much needed family holiday in France.
I have much to show you and much to tell.
But for today I just thought a few gentle pictures of Easter in Brittany.
We go more or less every year, usually at Easter, to spend time with my Dad and his family.
We walk dogs, feed ducks and chickens, ride horses, eat, drink and relax.
By the time the holiday arrives the Hippy and I are usually very much in need of some rest and recuperation. This year was no exception the constant pressure of big work deadlines has been very trying recently.
So a week of doing more or less nothing was just what the doctor ordered.
It is very magical, high up and remote.

And then there are the giant boulders at Huelgoat.

And this year Beaver's have moved in just below the village and are busy making dams and flooding fields. They are of course way too elusive for us to spot them.

It is the most wonderful place and even though there is nothing quite like getting home after a holiday I do miss the Family rather a lot. 
Love Nora xxxx