I know a student, she works in a pub.
A man who drinks in her pub took an interest in what she is studying.
She explained how she had to study pictures of times past to help in her research and the quest to design and make the perfect costume.
He said, I may have something that would interest you then.
A few weeks later he turned up with a bag full of photo albums.

It turns out he used to work in house clearances for a housing association.
There were 6 or 7 albums all full of photos all of the same family.
How did they get left behind?
Who were they?
One thing I do know they were all stunners, especially the mother.
But the picture that really caught my eye was this one.

What a wonderful glimpse into the past life of an unknown family.


The pictures were mostly of this quality, which makes me think someone must have been a professional photographer.
I find it so hard to understand how they weren't claimed.
But some solace is to be had in the fact that Naomi will love them and keep them safe.
As well as these pictures I also took a few photocopies of the real stand out pictures just so I too don't forget.
Love Nora xx


  1. Oh wow... That is a little treasure, those books...
    And so sad when you try to guess why they are not in "their family" anymore.. Who knows what happened to that family...

  2. What a treasure trove!

    Is there not something rather magical about your friend who works in the pub encountering the gentleman, and having a chat and having that chat lead to a fabulous discovery.

    I can imagine many family scenarios that would lead to those photograph albums being left behind. That gentleman is truly a gentleman and a scholar, and even a curator on the side.

    Wow! xo

  3. That is incredible, what a superb story. I wonder if , through the power of the web, someone might come forward now who knows that family?

  4. I love this story! I love old photo, be they of other families or ours.

  5. How amazing! What a wonderful glimpse into a life.

  6. Such a serendipitous chain of events. How nice was that chap keeping those albums. Fascinating to get a glimpse of another life. I hope she got some great inspiration from the photos. Xx

  7. That's such a nice story. I have been the keeper of a box of photos of a family from Michigan in the US for the last 25 years. I was on holiday at my boyfriend's parent's lake house. The house next door was being sold and they were just giving away the photographs. I was a little stunned that no one in the family appreciated them so I took them. They are mostly Victorian up to the 30s and 40s. I love seeing the progression of the family. I love them even if their ancestors don't.

  8. Those are real treasures in the truest sense of the word x


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