Well I really didn't expect to be away from here for quite this long.
Things happen, things occour, things conspire against managing to grab any time here.
In the past three weeks I have had stressful deadlines, fun deadlines, school holidays, an amazing workshop and meeting virtual friends, 3 birthdays and a wedding as well as a well deserved and very much needed family holiday in France.
I have much to show you and much to tell.
But for today I just thought a few gentle pictures of Easter in Brittany.
We go more or less every year, usually at Easter, to spend time with my Dad and his family.
We walk dogs, feed ducks and chickens, ride horses, eat, drink and relax.
By the time the holiday arrives the Hippy and I are usually very much in need of some rest and recuperation. This year was no exception the constant pressure of big work deadlines has been very trying recently.
So a week of doing more or less nothing was just what the doctor ordered.
It is very magical, high up and remote.

And then there are the giant boulders at Huelgoat.

And this year Beaver's have moved in just below the village and are busy making dams and flooding fields. They are of course way too elusive for us to spot them.

It is the most wonderful place and even though there is nothing quite like getting home after a holiday I do miss the Family rather a lot. 
Love Nora xxxx


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