Last weekend a friend got married.
It was the kind of wedding I love all hand crafted by the happy couple, their family and friends.
My contribution, apart from bringing a car boot ful of booze back from France, was crochet.

 A couple of months ago I received a message along the lines of Jane how would you like to crochet some buttonholes for the wedding? 
In for a penny in for a pound, of course I said yes.

Though really tiny and precise crochet is not my forte, especially the precise bit. 
I decided to conquor my fear and get on with it. 

I bought stupidly tiny hooks and hunted out the finest of yarns from both mine and the brides stashes. She wanted a really neutral palate, something else I struggled with. Colour just kept creaping in. Though I did manage to keep it relativly subdued.

It was all great fun and I must say hurrah for pinterest as it helped me to find some amazing patterns. 
The one for the pansys particularly did my head in don't quite know how I managed to make 3!

I think this one was my favourite (and of course the most colouful)

It was a lovely day, there were so many fantastic little details, including these stunning handmade shoes that one of the bride's friends made for her.

I love that Jordan managed to sneak one of the buttonholes onto her dress too

I suspect the palate for the rest of the decorations was so neutral because nothing was allowed to detract from the magnificance that was the brides footwear!
Congratulations Jordan and Lewis and thank you for such a beautiful day.

Happy days.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Wow! what gorgeous buttonholes. The shoes are gorgeous too.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. ohhhhh, how lovely. I have a few ball of fine crochet yarn that I got in Norfolk charity shop. If you can use it, I'll sent a pic and post to you - it is very colourful.

  3. Gorgeous !!! I'm a bit sad I'm already married - if not, I would start harassing you from now on, to make those buttonholes for me too ;-) !!!

  4. Oh my goodness...your crocheted buttonholes are absolutely splendid! You truly created treasures. Each design has its own quiet splendor...with lots of sophistication.

    Bravo! And best wishes to the newly married couple, too. xo

  5. What a wonderful touc.! The buttonholes are stunning ... and the shoes!

  6. Your buttonholes are fab, what a genius idea.
    But those shoes are something else :)

  7. How lovely! Your buttonholes are so pretty. it makes it all so special when friends and family contribute like this. And those shoes....wow!

  8. Absolutely beautiful, all of it (and congratulations and very best wishes to the happy couple!).

  9. Your button holes are incredible!
    Such a beautiful wedding x

  10. Gorgeous buttonholes. They look like a lot of work and must have taken you ages to make enough for a WHOLE wedding party. Your friend's shoes are amazing. Hope you all had a great time. xx

  11. Hello dear!
    I totally love the crocheted buttonholes! They are gorgeous. Well done you - that was a labour of love, I've no doubt!
    And handmade shoes ?!?!?! I'm in awe of those green shoes ....
    Josie xx

  12. You are so talented! These crochet buttonholes are inspiring - such a clever combination of texture and subtle colour. They must have taken many hours. Claire x

  13. Wow! How very different and simply stunning. What a great idea - crocheted button holes! And handmade shoes. Rather a stunning event I think.

  14. I love these crocheted buttonholes! As for the shoes... wow!

  15. Thanks for the shoe mention. I'm in awe of your crochet, the buttonholes were just amazing. I only had to make two shoes...


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