A few Saturdays ago I had a fantastic day.
The best kind of day, a day of fiddling about with bits of fabric, of sitting about stitching and chatting, of meeting new people and making new friends and becoming properly acquainted with people I have known on line for years.

I also discovered the most fantastic workshop venue.
Sew Not Strawberry Jam.
Not only is it beautiful, Sam the owner is welcoming and generous, especially with her cakes which lets face it always helps. But most importantly it is local. Just a few miles up the road near Tenterden, just north of Rye.
I was so excited when I read that Viv of Hen's Teeth was to be hosting a workshop so nearby.
I've known Viv for a long time, we couldn't work out how long but it was lots of years, via her blog.
I have a few of her beautiful pieces. She is the main inspiration behind me becoming obsessed with little tins and creating odd little scenes in them.
But as it so often is with blog relationships we have never actually met.
But we have now!
Viv was very patient with all my indecisive faffing about, which at time I thought may be all I was going to achieve.

I think we were supposed to me making needle cases, but I got a little sidetracked and decided to make a stitched book.
These pieces are to be the front cover and the inner sleeve.

More pages will follow.
Though I have to finish the cover first, the day just wasn't long enough and what with the intervention of deadlines and holidays stitching for pleasure has more or less ground to a halt at the moment.
Soon my friends soon I will actually finish something I start.
In the meantime I am booked on to another workshop in June over at Sew Not Strawberry Jam  this June. Sam is booking some really interesting tutors.


It was great seeing what every one else had made at the end of the day, so much variety I loved them all and there may have been one or two I wished I could sneak home with me, especially the cuffs. I love the cuffs. If I hadn't blown all available spare cash booking my self in to workshops I may have treated my self to one of Viv's own cuffs. 
But I had. So I didn't. The end!
Love Nora xxxx


  1. Looking at your work, I always wonder where you find all those pretty fabrics and textiles... I'm always hunting for fabrics in thrift shops and on second hand markets, but what I find, can only be called "sad" compares to what I see here... (Luckily I don't sew. Haha. The fabric collecting is just because I cannot resist it... Come to think of it, maybe me collecting fabric without sewing is even more sad than the fabric itself ;-))))

  2. I love Hensteeth's work. Wish I live in that area I would have too
    Julie xxxxxx

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  4. Sorry, I didn't finish and by accident pressed publish. So here I am once again. Love your fabric choice and colours are so happy. I am also very inspired by Hens Teeth work and Viv is so wonderful. X

  5. Looking forward to seeing your 'book' when it's finished...it just goes to show that good things come to those that faff! xx

  6. It was so wonderful to meet you after all this time and in such perfect surroundings. Loved what you started and hope to see more XXX

  7. Oh what a wonderful opportunity and looks like a grand workshop. I love your stitched book! I'm working on one now that uses paper and fabric, but haven't got very far. Wish I could hop over for a workshop myself. Thanks for sharing all that goodness.

  8. Viv is such an inspiring tutor, I love your book.
    Sounds like a fab day indeed! X

  9. Nice to meet you. Look forward to seeing the book.


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