Wednesday, 31 October 2012

As I mentioned a couple of days ago in amongst all the bustle of last week I had a eureka! moment.

I was wandering along some twisty paths on the internet.
Skipping from one link to another all the time thinking about 
the new sewing kits I am trying to develop.
I love this time of year. 
I know quite a few guys who join in with Movember
and I do so love a good bit of facial hair on a man.
When suddenly it all came together.
Temporarily shelved were the plans for a long list of animals and birds.
Out came the needle and thread.
Whizz whizz whizz.

Later that evening the Hippy and I were giggling like a couple of little kids striking poses with an array of fake moustaches.
Though I think the naming of the tash's was the best bit.
And so I bring you
The Lemmy

The Poirot

The Magnum

and The Dali.

Are you laughing yet?
I'm giggling just looking at the boys in these poses and
 I've been staring at these pictures all flipping day long!
Its half term so I have been a bit held back in developing the idea properly.
I thought I was nearly there today, but then the printer threw a wobbly so hopefully tomorrow...
After all I feel it needs to come together for the first day of Movember.
For every kit sold I will be making a £2 donation to the Movember foundation.
Hopefully they will be in my shop by tomorrow evening.
I can't recommend this enough to bring hilarity in to your life, and the kids love them!

Happy facial hair month to you all.
You can find more creative types here.
Love Nora xxx

Tuesday, 30 October 2012


As part of my grand sort out and clear up before moving house 
I have been sorting through the ribbon box.
Actually it is now two boxes one LARGE and one medium .
One for whole reels of ribbon and one for bits of ribbon to be used by the kids in the workshops.
This posed the question in my mind, "Can you have too much ribbon?"
I was really very surprised that the answer was 
So I have decided to have a mini de-stash / online yard sale.

If you fancy adding to your ribbon stash pop over to my folksy shop and check out the 

You never know it may be just what you have always needed.
And on a similar note I have also revamped and re-listed the free scrap bags.
I was worried that soaring postal costs was making the scrap bags too expensive.
So I have made them up in to smaller bags that I can now post at the cheaper rate of £1.20.
They are retailing at £0.20 as I can't list them for free and then its £1.30 for postage to cover that and the fees every one wants to charge.
These really are free fabric scraps.
I don't want to make money on them, just spread the textile love a bit further.
I am lucky to have a job where I use some really interesting and expensive fabrics.
If I don't give this stuff away it will only go to landfill.
The scrap bags are always fun and have some really fab bits of fabric and occasionally trim in them.
As the workroom sort out continues there will be more things looking for new and loving homes.
So keep tuned in.
All this and I haven't even started to sort through my lock up yet!
A very Happy Monday to you all.
Love Nora xxx

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Today has officially been a pyjama day.
Though sadly I did have to get dressed to go out and gather provisions from the supermarket.
I spent this afternoon downloading all the photos I have taken over the last week or so.
Its been a busy busy time,
 topped and tailed with workshops 
with a couple of eureka moments 
and catching up with friends old and new in between.
By way of a public service announcement I must warn you this post is heavy on the pictures.
Yesterday I held one of my regular children's sewing workshops.

This time we were making scary Halloween cloaks.

Spooky stuff eh?
At the end of the sessions we had sent the best part of 30 kids off to terrify large swathes of SW16.

Great fun, but really exhausting.

Last Sunday Was the allotted evening for Lola Nova's Sewing Whimsey workshop at Bermondsey Fayre.

I was so lucky to be able to help out, mainly with supplies, photo taking and of course witty banter!
It was fun to not have to be in charge but to be the glamourous assistant for a change.

To be honest I could waffle on about it for ages, but Laila one of the lovely ladies attending the class wrote about it so well I am just going to point you in her direction!

So pop over and have a lookie.
And the eureka moments?
Ah well if you tune back in a day or so I should have ironed out the wrinkles and be able to reveal all.
Hope you are warm and cozy in this chilly Autumnal weather and using your extra hour wisely!
Love Nora xxx 

Monday, 22 October 2012


This morning was damp, foggy and cold.
It was also very very beautiful.
Happy Monday to you all.
Nora xxx

Sunday, 21 October 2012


Have you ever tried internet dating?
I haven't and probably never will now.
I have nothing against the idea of internet dating and have really good friends who met this way.
But I imagine it must be a bit nerve wracking.
No matter how many emails you have sent, no matter if you have spoken on the phone, no matter how much you think you know this person you are essentially meeting a complete stranger and if all goes well inviting them in one way or another large or small to become involved in you life.

Writing a blog is a strange old thing to do. 
You send, admittedly very selective, often highly edited, some times made up snippets of your life out in to the public realm for people to digest.
You read other people's blogs, you like what you see, you return to their blog next week. 
You still like what you see.
You start to comment, they comment on your blog.
You reply to their comment, they reply to yours.
Slowly over months and months a weird kind of virtual friendship builds up.
But is it real?
Is it just smoke and air?
Will you like them in a polite you are very nice and I have spent a pleasant afternoon kind of way.
Or will you sit around belly laughing and chatting like you have known each other for years.
Will you leave the encounter still more or less strangers or firm friends.
Will you part company "thinking that was nice" or "Oh no they live on the other side of the world, I won't see them again for a very long time" ? 
Well, really there is only one way to find out.
So we did.
I took her to some very interesting fabric and trimmings shops.

Where I may add we both picked out the same things every time.
She treated me to a very swanky lunch.

Please note the paper plates and fizzy drinks straight from the can.
Then it was all back to mine where the Hippy treated us to a delicious wintry lamb stew, the boys showed off, trashed the house and ground pringles in to all available floor space.
At the end of the evening I even walked Miss Lola Nova back to the station, in the rain.
So as first dates go...
We are off to do it all again this afternoon here.
Though possibly minus the pringles/child interface this time.
Have wonderful Sundays people.
Nora xxx

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Even though Autumn is well and truly here, the evenings are chilly, quilts have been put on the beds and winter boots have been dug out of the back of the cupboard, this weekend was beautiful, warm and sunny.
I noticed not all of the plants in the garden have given up the ghost just yet.

The Hydrangea is just outside our front door and is making me happy every time I come home.

I have also been doing a little experimentation.
I've been thinking about this particular technique of machine embroidery for some time.

I first learnt about it here from Karen, but having still not actually finished my ledger course I signed up for in the summer, I haven't got as far as this bit yet.
But I was teaching my students how to free hand embroider last week and there was a large roll of scrim in the stock room, the room was empty at lunch time, the scene was set.

I love the lace like quality of it.
The hint of pink comes from using a bobbin in that colour while having white on top.
It was however really hard to photograph.
Think I need to invest in a light box.
I have great plans for this technique, but if it works it won't be looking quite so pretty next time.
Lets hope I can get my self in to gear, as I seem to have slipped in to a trough since finishing work last week.
Love Nora xxxx

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Because I am becoming boring,
and no one needs to listen to me moan on about the old workload, I thought rather than ignore you all I would share some pics of a bit of what has been keeping me away from here on a regular basis.

This time next week its all done and dusted.
I have however got a small bit of exciting news.
The lovely Lola Nova will be in London very soon.
On Sunday 21st October she will be hosting a workshop at Bermondsey Fair here in fair London town.
And she has the most glamourous of assistants.
I promise no Debbie McGee style show girl outfits, and most certainly I will not be sawn in half.
But I will be helping out, hanging around and generally getting in the way and adding to the ambience. 
If you would like to book a place and I would strongly advise you to it can be done here.
See you on the other side Kiddos.
Love Nora xxx