Because I am becoming boring,
and no one needs to listen to me moan on about the old workload, I thought rather than ignore you all I would share some pics of a bit of what has been keeping me away from here on a regular basis.

This time next week its all done and dusted.
I have however got a small bit of exciting news.
The lovely Lola Nova will be in London very soon.
On Sunday 21st October she will be hosting a workshop at Bermondsey Fair here in fair London town.
And she has the most glamourous of assistants.
I promise no Debbie McGee style show girl outfits, and most certainly I will not be sawn in half.
But I will be helping out, hanging around and generally getting in the way and adding to the ambience. 
If you would like to book a place and I would strongly advise you to it can be done here.
See you on the other side Kiddos.
Love Nora xxx  


  1. Goodness, that piece must be awfully heavy with all those sparkly bits! Quite the creations my dear!

    So looking forward to my glamorous assistant adding to the ambiance as well, do you know any card tricks? This is going to be so much fun!

  2. love this, especially the second pic...you are so lucky working with this gorgeousness!!

  3. Wow, your day job must be so fantastic. Beautiful work.

  4. Amazing work - you must have the patience of Job!

    I wish I could get to London for Lola Nova's workshop but alas it cannot be - I hope you all have a blast. :)

  5. Wow, those costumes are beautiful works of art. Why no Debbie McGee outfit??!!!


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