Have you ever tried internet dating?
I haven't and probably never will now.
I have nothing against the idea of internet dating and have really good friends who met this way.
But I imagine it must be a bit nerve wracking.
No matter how many emails you have sent, no matter if you have spoken on the phone, no matter how much you think you know this person you are essentially meeting a complete stranger and if all goes well inviting them in one way or another large or small to become involved in you life.

Writing a blog is a strange old thing to do. 
You send, admittedly very selective, often highly edited, some times made up snippets of your life out in to the public realm for people to digest.
You read other people's blogs, you like what you see, you return to their blog next week. 
You still like what you see.
You start to comment, they comment on your blog.
You reply to their comment, they reply to yours.
Slowly over months and months a weird kind of virtual friendship builds up.
But is it real?
Is it just smoke and air?
Will you like them in a polite you are very nice and I have spent a pleasant afternoon kind of way.
Or will you sit around belly laughing and chatting like you have known each other for years.
Will you leave the encounter still more or less strangers or firm friends.
Will you part company "thinking that was nice" or "Oh no they live on the other side of the world, I won't see them again for a very long time" ? 
Well, really there is only one way to find out.
So we did.
I took her to some very interesting fabric and trimmings shops.

Where I may add we both picked out the same things every time.
She treated me to a very swanky lunch.

Please note the paper plates and fizzy drinks straight from the can.
Then it was all back to mine where the Hippy treated us to a delicious wintry lamb stew, the boys showed off, trashed the house and ground pringles in to all available floor space.
At the end of the evening I even walked Miss Lola Nova back to the station, in the rain.
So as first dates go...
We are off to do it all again this afternoon here.
Though possibly minus the pringles/child interface this time.
Have wonderful Sundays people.
Nora xxx


  1. Oh how wonderful, I'm so glad your ' first date' went well. Meeting people you only know through correspondence is never easy and I think when it all works out it reassures us that our judgement in people is sound.

  2. I have goose bumps reading this happy, happy post! When it all comes down to it, the special friendships that we bond through our blogging, are very special indeed.

    I will have a smile on today, every time I think of you both at the workshop, enjoy!! xo

  3. I'm glad you had a good time and hit it off. I've done a few of those bloggy friend meet ups in the past and so far it's all been lovely - met some fabulous peeps like that. In fact I met my husband through my blog some years ago (a previous blog not my current one). Blogs can be amazing. :)

  4. Good for you J. Glad your all went so very well. xxx

  5. How wonderful that you did this! It all sounds so lovely. I am terrible for things like this - I get so shy... or maybe it's just fear that the person won't like me anymore once they've actually met me ;) Good on you both for having the courage. So glad you had fun :) Kx

  6. I agree....cyber friendships may not necessarily become true friendships in the real world. It is a scary proposition meeting someone in this way. Glad you both connected but if you ever meet me it won't be a swanky lunch. It will most likely be a brew and a chip butty!!


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